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International Masters Program for Managers

Canada Alberta September 2017

THE MANAGERS’ emba: engaging managers beyond administration In contrast to the use of case studies to develop analytical tools students are expected to "share competences" with each other based on their own experience as managers. ("The Anti-MBA" New York Times 20 May 2012). Participants develop a worldly perspective of management, discover a deeper understanding of themselves and develop new insights that lead to major changes for their organizations. Since 1996, t… [+] he International Masters in Practicing Management, co-founded by Henry Mintzberg, has been changing the course of management education and leadership development. This is more than an EMBA that replicates the MBA for experienced people. Beyond administration, the IMPM engages you as an accomplished leader to reflect on your own experience and share insights with colleagues from around the world. Over 16 months, you attend five 10-day modules designed and delivered by leading business schools in Bangalore, Beijing, Lancaster, Montreal, and Rio de Janeiro. Read about the family of innovations that you will find in no other program: managerial mindsets, friendly consulting, co-coaching, managerial exchanges, impact teams back at work, special seating arrangements, dedicated tables for entrepreneurs and others, and more. Our next class begins on October 25. We welcome applications from experienced managers including those with MBA's and those with no degree. No GMAT required. Apply to IMPM AT THE CROSSROADS? HERE IS THE REFRESH BUTTON This International Masters Program appeals to managers for all sorts of reasons. Many are accomplished leaders who want to enhance the skills they have learned on the job. Some have an MBA or EMBA and feel it's time for management education. Some have accomplished records but no degree. And then there are those who need a refresher, a boost: they have done well but feel stuck where they are. Not in terms of career advancement--some of these are CEOs - but to prepare themselves for the changes ahead. No program shakes managers out of complacency better than the IMPM. None! We invite you to read the comments on this site, or speak with our graduates. Please don't read this and say: "Good idea. One day I've got to do the IMPM." That's more complacency. If not now, when? IMPM is delivered in collaboration with 5 schools. Administered by McGill, the program’s five modules take place in Britain, Canada, China, India and Brazil. Each lasts 10 days, is delivered by a different academic partner and is devoted to a different management mind-set. The first module, beginning October 25, 2015, takes place at Lancaster University Management School and the Lake District. It focuses on self and is fosters the “reflective mind-set.” In England and in every module that follows participants visit local companies and to apply some of the content they have seen. This enables them to better apply the learning when they return to their own organizations. The participants then meet at McGill University in Montreal, where the focus will be on the “analytic mind-set,” and managing the organization. Three months later, at the Renmin University School of Business in Beijing, the participants explore ideas of collaboration and cooperation from a Chinese perspective. At the Fundação Getúlio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro to look at how to manage continuity and change and other aspects of the “action mind-set.” The last module, in Bangalore at the Indian Institute of Management participants will develop their “worldly mind-set.” The mindset is ‘worldly’ instead of ‘global’ because ‘global” implies one size fits all and we want participants to really appreciate the importance of cultural differences. [-]

University Canada West (UCW)

Canada Vancouver September 2017

University Canada West (UCW) is Canada's contemporary independent university. Established in 2004, UCW offers programs at their Vancouver campus and Online. Programs include the Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, and the Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communications. Our vision as Canada’s contemporary independent university means that we are accessible and globally respected. We transform students into leadership-ready graduates for communities a… [+] round the world. Our mission is to provide exceptional service and support to students. We foster a diverse and challenging learning environment focused on practical application of knowledge and build competencies for scholarship, leadership, and responsible citizenship in a global context. We take pride in our alumni who are ready to embrace the leadership and community possibilities that await them. UCW is recognized by and operates under the authority of the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development on the recommendation of the Degree Quality Assessment Board. The University’s programs are offered under the written consent of the Minister of Advanced Education, Government of British Columbia, Canada having undergone a quality assessment process and been found to meet the criteria established by the minister. [-]

CDI College

Canada Vancouver Calgary Manitoba Quebec Edmonton Longueuil Victoria September 2017 + 3 more

At CDI College, we have been helping students build their careers for over 40 years! With premier programs in business, technology and health care, your CDI training will provide a solid foundation in skills that will help you launch a meaningful career.               Once you begin your studies, you will become aware of how our learning process will stimulate, involve and challenge you to succeed. You will build an impressive skill set in your area of study, plus g… [+] ain the interpersonal expertise that will help make you successful.               Our programs are designed to reflect the requirements of the employers in your chosen career field. Throughout your studies, you will work in ways that will mirror what you will find in the workplace. When you complete your program you will be ready to begin your career.And the support team at the campus is dedicated to helping you every step of the way. We are all here for one reason – your success!! From our admission process right through to our employment support after graduation, we strive to provide you with a meaningful educational experience. It is this dedication that gives our graduates the competitive edge in the workplace.               SCHOOL OF BUSINESS - Effective business professionals are required in every field of employment. At CDI School of Business, our students learn the key aspects of business that can be applied to just about any industry. CDI School of Business will provide you with the tools for success in the world of business. You will enter the workforce with a wide variety of career options at your fingertips including business administration, office management, human resources, accounting assistance and marketing. CDI College has a long history of delivering qualified business professionals to employers. Our curriculum reflects the needs of the business community and we are committed to giving you the skills that will advance your career.               SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY - The demand for skilled IT professionals is on the rise in order to meet the needs of leading-edge employers. At CDI School of Technology, we offer our students industry-recognized, focused curriculum that utilizes the latest in software and computer applications. Whether you are pursuing a new career path or upgrading your skills, you can be confident in your CDI education. Students of this exciting field are in high demand for their specialized training in networking, programming, web applications, and computer support. After graduation, you may successfully compete for positions such as Computer Technicians, Web Designers, Technical Support Specialists and Help-Desk Troubleshooters.               SCHOOL OF HEALTH CARE - Not only is health care one of the most rewarding career paths but it’s also one of the most in demand! The current challenge of caring for an aging population has created an urgent need for trained health care workers. CDI College specializes in training students for rewarding opportunities in the field of health care. As one of the largest private health care colleges in Canada, we consistently attract a diverse group of people who are looking to advance their careers, just like you. We combine industry-approved curriculum, one-on-one instruction, and job placement assistance to prepare you for success. Our programs are respected and recognized within the health care industry. After graduation, you can expect to find jobs in a variety of different settings and related fields including hospitals, medical offices, pharmacies and home support work.                                               Value Propositions                               1. 40 Years training Canadians for Business, Technology and Health Care related careers.2. Accelerated, market driven programs to train students in a matter of months enter a competitive job market.3. Hands-on training helps develop the skills graduates will use in the workforce.4. Instructors are also industry-experienced practitioners in the fields they teach5. Personalized experience because of small class sizes. Students have more interaction with instructors.6. Career and Employment Services available to assist students during program and after they graduate to search and secure a job in their preferred career field.7. Twelve locations across the country. [-]

Reeves College

Canada Calgary Edmonton Lethbridge Lloydminster September 2017

Since 1961, Reeves College has opened a world of opportunity and training for students through education and training. Over the years, the college has earned a reputation for nurturing highly-skilled business professionals. Our career diploma programs assist students with the skill development needed to start business and health care careers.  The Department of Academics develops curriculum in consultation with the business and health care communities to ensure that graduates … [+] meet current industry demands. The college staff and faculty understand that students want qualifications that employers demand and strive to provide them with the training and skills for career success. Each program trains individuals to use the most-current applications, software and techniques in their fields of study. Also, programs are offered on a modular basis so that students learn one subject at a time and in a progressive manner. Faculty members at Reeves College are both accomplished instructors and skilled professionals whose knowledge and expertise in their respective fields enhance the learning experience in the classroom and work place.   DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS – The faculty in the Department of Business and Hospitality are accomplished instructors and experienced professionals. Their experience and knowledge will help you develop the required skills that employers demand.  Small class sizes allow instructors to spend more time with you on a 1 on 1 basis, which ensures that you will receive a quality education. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH CARE – Faculty in the Department of Health Care are knowledgeable, industry experienced professionals who are fully committed to help you become a skilled and versatile practitioner.  Plus the strong relationships we've made in the health care community help us keep pace with market demands and changes in the field. DEPARTMENT OF TECHNOLOGY – The Department of Technology is dedicated to providing you with a very comprehensive approach to careers in technology-related careers.  Our instructors use the most current software applications and practical techniques to ensure that you develop sought after marketable skills that work in the 'real' world. Plus free upgrading of courses after you graduate, ensures you will always be in demand.     Value Propositions   1. 49 Years training Albertans for Business, Technology and Health Care related careers. 2. Accelerated, market driven programs to train students in a matter of months enter a competitive job market. 3. Hands-on training helps develop the skills graduates will use in the workforce. 4. Instructors are also industry-experienced practitioners in the fields they teach. 5. Personalized experience because of small class sizes. Students have more interaction with instructors. 6. Career and Employment Services available to assist students during program and after they graduate to search and secure a job in their preferred career field. 7. Locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge and Lloydminster. [-]

Vancouver Career College

Canada Burnaby Vancouver Surrey Abbotsford Port Coquitlam Kelowna September 2017 + 2 more

About Vancouver Career College   Vancouver Career College strives to create a world of opportunity for you through award winning education and training. Our career-training programs are designed to help you develop the skills you need to start successful careers in the fields of business, education, health care, hospitality, technology and trades. We develop our curriculum in consultation with the business and health care communities to ensure that our graduates meet … [+] industry demands. Each program will train you to use most-current applications, software and techniques in your chosen fields of study. With faculty members being accomplished instructors and skilled professionals, their wealth of knowledge and experience will truly enhance your learning process. Additionally, we are fully accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) of British Columbia and the 2007 winner of the 'Consumer's Choice Award', as voted by you. We are also a member of the Canadian Association of Private Language Schools (CAPLS). Certain programs are recognized by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of BC (CLPNBC), the Ministry of Children and Family Development of BC, TESL Canada and the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT).   DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS - The faculty in the Department of Business and Hospitality are accomplished instructors and experienced professionals. Their experience and knowledge will help you develop the required skills that employers demand.  Small class sizes allow instructors to spend more time with you on a 1 on 1 basis, which ensures that you will receive a quality education. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH CARE - Faculty in the Department of Health Care and Education are knowledgeable, industry experienced professionals who are fully committed to help you become a skilled and versatile practitioner.  Plus the strong relationships we've made in the health care community help us keep pace with market demands and changes in the field. DEPARTMENT OF TECHNOLOGY AND TRADES - The Department of Technology and Trades is dedicated to provide you with a very comprehensive approach to careers in graphic design, IT, electrical and plumbing.  Our instructors use the most current software applications and practical techniques to ensure that you develop sought after marketable skills that work in the 'real' world. Plus free upgrading of courses after you graduate, ensures you will always be in demand.     Value Propositions   1. Accelerated, market driven programs to train students in a matter of months enter a competitive job market.2. Hands-on training helps develop the skills graduates will use in the workforce.3. Instructors are also industry-experienced practitioners in the fields they teach.4. Personalized experience because of small class sizes. Students have more interaction with instructors.5. Practicum placements for every program so students can gain hands-on experience in their workplace.6. Career and Employment Services available to assist students during program and after they graduate to search and secure a job in their preferred career field.7. Six locations across in BC: Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Abbotsford, Coquitlam,Kelowna.     [-]

LaSalle College Vancouver

Canada Vancouver September 2017

LaSalle College Vancouver Located at the bottom of the west coastal mountains, LaSalle College Vancouver has welcomed students from around the world. With ten diploma programs, our students can choose design programs on-campus or online. Our goal is to provide excellence in training and to assist our students in achieving their career goals in a professional, stimulating, and friendly environment. LaSalle College Vancouver is a member of the LCI Education network,… [+] which consists of 21 post-secondary campuses in 11 countries, and some 1,500 employees offering instruction to over 10,000 students throughout the world each year. Our Advantages LaSalle College: the international reference in post-secondary education Training beyond compare Programs offered in English. Practical educational projects that reflect professional realities and lead to internationally-recognized diplomas. Enthusiastic, devoted teachers with solid background in the work force. Combination work/study programs. Opportunities for students to participate in regional, national and international contests. Internships with the most innovative companies. A general education – in all programs – encouraging environmentally conscious practices. Integration of entrepreneurial concepts in all programs. A unique environment. Our backyard : downtown Vancouver. State-of-the-art equipment. Our norms : those of the market! The 10 basic principles of our academic project LaSalle College Vancouver offers an edifying education in an inclusive environment that allows its students to obtain their desired diploma, as well as acquire and develop the following: Oral and written abilities in English. The ability to master new industry-related information technologies. Competencies that facilitate professional mobility. Management skills applicable in the current context of market globalisation and instant communications. The ability to work with a multidisciplinary team. Leadership and entrepreneurship. An attitude that reflects a responsible citizen, respect for others, and rigour in all circumstances. An inherent value for continuing education. An awareness of responsible habits that promote good health for one’s self and for others. A natural impulse to protect the environment and advocate for sustainable development. [-]

Inter-Dec College

Canada Montreal September 2017

Since its founding in 1983, Inter-Dec College has distinguished itself by the quality of the training it offers, the variety of its programs, and the excellence of its student services. In 1989, the College took several steps forward by associating with LaSalle International. It was then able to offer more than 10 professional orientation options in 3 different fields: Beauty, Interior Design and Digital Arts. The programs offered at Inter-Dec College allow students to … [+] gain the professional skills and abilities that are in demand on the job market, and to learn all the latest technologies. Our courses, averaging one year in length, consist of intensive classes that allow graduates to immediately enter the job market. An exclusive environment Montreal is one of the largest bilingual cities in the world, where people speak both French and English. People from all over the world are drawn to its European flair, making for a festive and colourful atmosphere that overflows with creativity. Inter-Dec College is located in the heart of downtown Montreal – the first UNESCO “City of Design” in North America, thanks to its unique cultural, artistic and incredibly stimulating atmosphere. Short-term Training Many of our programs can be completed in as little as a year. Students can graduate with either an Attestation of College Studies (AEC) recognized  by the ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, de la Recherche, de la Science et de la Technologie (MESRST) or a Diploma of Professional Studies (DEP), recognized by the ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport (MELS). In-house diplomas (AE) are also offered. [-]

Montreal International Language Centre

Canada Montreal September 2017

Do you enjoy learning languages or maybe need to perfect your linguistic skills in order to access higher education or new career possibilities?     Come learn or perfect a language at the Montreal International Language Centre (MILC) and take advantage of language courses completely adapted to your needs. Whether you are a Canadian, newly-established in Québec or wanting to visit the city of Montreal, let MILC be your guide with programs based on practical learning. St… [+] udents improve quickly because our language courses are made up of small groups that give you a privileged and personalized contact with your peers and teacher.   MILC is strategically located in the heart of Montreal, the most important bilingual metropolis in Canada. Our language school shares an ultra-modern urban campus with LaSalle College and Inter-DEC College that makes for a riveting learning environment! [-]

LaSalle College Montreal

Canada Montreal September 2017

LaSalle College Montreal Being the largest bilingual college in North America, LaSalle College counts five speciality schools with over 60 programs to choose from. Each year, its campus welcomes close to 20% of its student population from all corners of the globe. From the very first week of class up until the day you graduate, LaSalle College walks the extra mile for its students.   Our Advantages LaSalle College: the international reference in post-secondary educationTraining … [+] beyond compare     Programs offered in French and English with the option to alternate some of your classes to a second language.     Practical educational projects that reflect professional realities and lead to internationally-recognized diplomas.     The most flexible of Quebec’s colleges, allowing for accelerated studies.     Enthusiastic, devoted teachers with solid background in the work force.     Combination work/study programs.     Opportunities for students to participate in regional, national and international contests.     Internships with the most innovative companies.     A general education – in all programs – encouraging environmentally conscious practices.     Integration of entrepreneurial concepts in all programs.  A unique environment Our backyard : downtown Montreal. State-of-the-art equipment Our norms : those of the market!   The 10 basic principles of our academic project LaSalle College offers an edifying education in an inclusive environment that allows its students to obtain their desired diploma, as well as acquire and develop the following:     Oral and written abilities in English and French.principes fondamentaux - basic principles     The ability to master new industry-related information technologies.     Competencies that facilitate professional mobility.     Management skills applicable in the current context of market globalisation and instant communications.     The ability to work with a multidisciplinary team.     Leadership and entrepreneurship.     An attitude that reflects a responsible citizen, respect for others, and rigour in all circumstances.     An inherent value for continuing education.     An awareness of responsible habits that promote good health for one’s self and for others.     A natural impulse to protect the environment and advocate for sustainable development.   [-]

HEC Montréal Business Language Training Center

Canada Montreal September 2017

HEC Montréal Founded in 1907, the École des hautes études commerciales de Montréal, better known today as HEC Montréal, was the first business school established in Canada. HEC Montréal was also the first university business school in North America to be awarded the three most prestigious accreditations in its field: AACSB International, EQUIS and AMBA. Bolstered by this threefold international recognition, the quality of its study programs and its accomplished Facul… [+] ty, today HEC Montréal ranks amongst the top university business schools worldwide. HEC Montréal – Facts and Figures*: More than 13,000 students at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels Students hailing from 147 countries worldwide 118 partnerships with universities and major business schools in 38 countries 8 Campus Abroad programs More than 50 research chairs and centres 260 full-time faculty and over 500 part-time faculty members 531 staff members 78 000 graduates since 1907 *As of March 2015 Business Language Training Center Since its inception in 1990, the Business Language Training Center of HEC Montréal has set out to: evaluate the level of competencies in languages of HEC Montréal’s student body offer credited language courses in keeping with current business practices. Language classes offered (from Beginner to Advanced levels) : French, English, and Spanish; including an introductory course in Business Chinese and Chinese business culture create and disseminate pedagogical material, such as Soigner la présentation d’un travail universitaire, and Présentation des références, des citations et des notices bibliographiques. These teaching and learning tools are continually being developed by our Centre d’aide en français – Rédaction universitaire Managers and entrepreneurs today have to be, first and foremost, good communicators, knowing how to make themselves effectively understood and to successfully argue and defend their point of view. These are the abilities and skills that the Business Language Training Center at HEC Montréal aims to help the students hone through a wide array of rigorous language courses that all draw from the realities of today’s job market. Montreal Founded in 1642 by the French, today Montreal is considered to be the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris. The largest city in Quebec, Montreal is the cultural and business centre of the Province. HEC Montréal campus is situated on the northern slope of the magnificent Mount Royal Park, only a few short minutes away by Métro (subway) from downtown Montreal. According to the Bristish firm QS*, out of the 54 best university cities around the world, in 2012 Montréal ranked 1st in Canada, 2nd in North America as well as 10th the world over. *Source : Best Student Cities in the World 2012 Ranking Spend a few weeks in the summer studying at HEC Montréal and: discover a city that is “young, vibrant, cosmopolitan, enterprising and tolerant“* experience a city steeped in culture that combines European charm and North American dynamism take part in numerous cultural activities and world renowned festivals share in a rich linguistic and cultural experience with people from around the world *Magazine Le Nouvel Observateur (France) [-]

ESMAC : École Supérieure des Métiers des Arts appliqués et de la Culture

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ESMAC, EXHAUSTEUR DE TALENTS LA FORMATION À DISTANCE AU PLUS PROCHE DE VOTRE RÉUSSITE ! ESMAC est une école supérieure d’arts appliqués, de design, de graphisme et d’événementiel dont l’originalité est d’être à distance. C’est une force qui fait d’ESMAC le premier établissement privé à délivrer autant de formations - nous en proposons 13 de post BAC à BAC+5- à distance et en e-learning. Notre approche novatrice a pour ambition d’ancrer nos enseignements, dans les e… [+] njeux de la création, en veillant particulièrement à former aux réalités du monde professionnel. Le parcours de l’élève est totalement individualisé. Tout le cursus se déroule autour de ses projets artistiques personnels, avec un enseignement de culture générale riche et une connaissance des différents contextes artistiques. Notre objectif est de permettre à chacun de nos élèves de devenir un créateur ouvert au monde contemporain, en accentuant la singularité de ses points de vue et en l’aidant à développer ses talents. A son propre tempo. LE MOT DU DIRECTEUR "Pour bien enseigner, il faut savoir s’interroger, se remettre en question et veiller attentivement aux évolutions de notre environnement. L’innovation pédagogique est une récurrence dans notre réflexion comme dans nos propositions. Notre objectif chaque année, c’est d’accueillir de nouvelles générations d’élèves pour les accompagner vers leur avenir. Plus précisément, nous inscrivons demain dans l’ADN de notre enseignement pluridisciplinaire en plaçant l’apprenant au centre de sa formation. Nous considérons l’apprentissage permanent comme un de nos fondamentaux et nous affirmons qu’œuvrer pour que le monde de la connaissance devienne la passerelle vers l’employabilité et l’épanouissement professionnel, c’est notre contrat moral." Sophie Ducros - Directrice ESMAC Méthode pédagogique Vous êtes au cœur de votre apprentissage. Votre tempo est le nôtre, nous le respectons et nous nous y adaptons. Nous vous proposons un enseignement dématérialisé avec le soutien de nos équipes. Nous le centrons sur votre développement de compétences et le structurons avec l’interaction de tuteurs et de coachs. Notre méthode pédagogique s'articule autour de quatre axes : La proximité de notre enseignement à distance Correction personnalisée de tous vos devoirs (peu de correction automatisée hors quizz), Disponibilité à tout moment de nos cours et de leurs devoirs, Souplesse et adaptabilité pour tous grâce à l’absence de connexion simultanée. L’humanité du Online pour optimiser votre formation Grâce au soutien des professeurs, véritables facilitateurs et spécialistes dans votre domaine, qui vous accompagnent tout au long de votre cursus, corrigent vos devoirs, accompagnent vos mémoires, vos projets tutorés et répondent par mails, skype, tel, chat, à vos questions. Grâce au soutien des coachs, interfaces et vrais médiateurs,qui tissent un lien essentiel tout au long de votre parcours. Ils vous aident à vous remotiver et répondent à toutes vos interrogations d’ordre général comme à vos questions particulières. Par un accompagnement individualisé au rythme de votre tempo. Les bons outils au service de votre apprentissage Conformité de nos cours spécifiques et conçus sur mesure aux référentiels des certificateurs, Devoirs en grand nombre accessibles sur la plateforme, Workshops et projets collaboratifs à distance, pour des titres RNCP, qui vous permettent d’acquérir les compétences nécessaires à la bonne construction de votre projet professionnel. La Plateforme pédagogique Nous mettons à votre disposition notre plateforme personnalisée, notre Learning Management System (LMS). Notre LMS évolue avec vos attentes et nos propositions. Les mises à jour des cours et des devoirs sont régulières et fonction de la technologie comme des lois. Consultable à tout moment, notre LMS : Délivre vos cours et leurs devoirs qui respectent les référentiels et les exigences des certificateurs, Permet que vous suiviez votre progression pédagogique en vous donnant les outils de mesure de votre travail, Notifie quand vos devoirs sont corrigés, Sécurise tous vos échanges, les rend simples, fluides et pratiques et surtout, respecte votre propre rythme, Propose des quizz pour certaines formations, Offre des infos et des actus dans votre spécialité… Garantie Qualité des formations ESMAC est membre d'Eductive Group, groupe d'enseignement supérieur d'envergure national composé d'une vingtaine d'écoles. ESMAC dispense des Titres Certifiés enregistrés au Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) sous la responsabilité de la Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle, elle-même placée sous l'autorité du Ministère du Travail. ESMAC, en tant qu’organisme privé d'enseignement à distance, est soumis au contrôle pédagogique et à l’inspection de Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale conformément à l'article 444- 3 du Code de l'Education. ESMAC est également soumis à l'article R444-14 ESMAC est enregistré en tant qu'organisme de formation auprès de la Direction Régionale du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle (DRTEFP). L'établissement est soumis au contrôle du Ministère du Travail conformément aux articles L6361-1 et L6361-2 du Code du travail. ESMAC est membre de l'INSHED une association de droit Suisse dont le siège est à Genève. Elle délivre des Bachelors SDS®et des Mastères Professionnels SDS® acquis par capitalisation et cumul de crédits (ECTS). La CNUCED a pour mandat de déterminer les mesures propres à aider les entreprises, particulièrement les PME à se conformer aux normes internationales, à promouvoir leur capacité en matière de technologie et d'innovation, de les aider à accéder aux nouvelles technologies et de renforcer leur participation dans les chaînes mondiales de valeur. La mission de l'OMPI est de promouvoir l'innovation et la créativité aux fins du développement économique, social et culturel de tous les pays au moyen d'un système international de propriété intellectuelle équilibré et efficace. Développement durable NOTRE RESPONSABILITE SOCIETALE EST INSCRITE DANS NOTRE ADN Dématérialisé, notre enseignement à distance est par essence, plus léger dans ses process de fonctionnement, plus respectueux de son environnement et plus socialement responsable. Les déplacements physiques supprimés, c’est un gain de temps, précieux et libéré du stress des transports, pour nos élèves. Chaque élève orchestre son temps pour étudier à son propre tempo, où il veut, quand il veut. Un vrai confort qui optimise son apprentissage. L’usage principal du web limite considérablement le recours à des supports pédagogiques en print. [-]


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Présentation: École à distance Avec l’enseignement à distance, vous prenez les rênes de votre apprentissage pour activer le pilotage de votre réussite professionnelle. A votre tempo. La distance, c’est la transformation de l’information en savoir ! Acquérir des connaissances est possible aujourd’hui, à tout moment, au plus grand nombre. Notre rôle majeur c’est de vous accompagner dans la réflexion et la construction de vos savoirs. Votre avenir est au cœur de nos … [+] préoccupations ! INEAD vous propose avec son équipe doublement constituée de tuteurs et de coachs, une pédagogie cognitive et fidèle à la maïeutique de Socrate ! INEAD, Spécialiste de la Formation E-learning Spécialiste de l'enseignement supérieur à distance depuis 2008, INEAD propose 52 formations en e-learning dans 9 filières : Ressources Humaines Marketing, Communication, Evénementiel Banque, Finance, Assurance Environnement, Développement durable Management et Gestion d'Entreprise Logistique et Supply Chain Informatique, Web, Design Tourisme, Hôtellerie Social, Paramédical, Santé Notre différence est dans notre accompagnement et coaching personnalisé que nous assurons à nos 1200 élèves par an. Aussi, nos élèves peuvent étudier quand ils veulent, où ils veulent et à leur rythme. Méthode pédagogique Vous êtes au cœur de votre apprentissage. Votre tempo est le nôtre, nous le respectons et nous nous y adaptons. Nous vous proposons un enseignement dématérialisé avec le soutien de nos équipes. Nous le centrons sur votre développement de compétences et le structurons avec l’interaction de tuteurs et de coachs. Notre méthode pédagogique s'articule autour de quatre axes : La proximité de notre enseignement à distance L'humanité du online pour optimiser votre formation Les bons outils au service de votre apprentissage La plateforme pédagogique La politique Qualité de l'institut La vocation d'Eductive Group, auquel appartient INEAD, est d'œuvrer pour l'avenir professionnel de ses élèves. Il regroupe un ensemble d'écoles supérieures, chacune spécialisée dans une filière ou plusieurs filières, mais avec une devise commune : une formation - un métier - un emploi. INEAD est une école pilote du groupe en matière de formation à distance ; elle doit devenir un acteur majeur en France de la formation à distance. Cet objectif nécessite entre autres la mise en œuvre d'une politique Qualité. Par ailleurs, la montée en puissance des techniques d'information et de communication appliquées à l'enseignement et à la formation, les nouvelles attentes des clients, la mutation du contexte éducatif... imposent d'intégrer et parfois d'anticiper ces évolutions dans les méthodes pédagogiques de l'Institut. En s'appuyant sur une démarche Qualité et donc en mettant en avant l'écoute et la satisfaction de ses clients, l'Institut entend rester fidèle à ses valeurs. La politique Qualité, que nous avons voulu initier pour INEAD, vise à donner des perspectives à son personnel et à ses clients. Elle porte sur quatre axes : Une employabilité renforcée : Dispenser des formations qui, eu égard à un marché de l'emploi parfois difficile d'accès aux jeunes, favorisent leur intégration professionnelle. Une employabilité durable : Dispenser des formations qui favorisent l'esprit d'analyse, le sens critique, mais aussi le sens citoyen, l'épanouissement personnel, l'ouverture sur l'Europe et le monde... pour que l'élève engrange des atouts profitables tout au long de sa carrière professionnelle. Une pédagogie de la réussite : Utiliser l'ingénierie pédagogique et la technologie pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats possibles, en s'appuyant sur un corps enseignant compétent, sur le développement du travail en équipe, sur un accompagnement individualisé des élèves, sur des outils d'information et de communication interactifs. Une culture de l'exigence et de la qualité : Développer au sein du personnel une démarche d'amélioration permanente comprise, partagée et acceptée par tous. Garanties qualité des formations EDUCTIVE GROUP : INEAD est membre d'Eductive Group, groupe d'enseignement supérieur d'envergure national composé d'une vingtaine d'écoles. CERTIFICATION RNCP : INEAD dispense des Titres Certifiés enregistrés au Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP) sous la responsabilité de la Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle, elle-même placée sous l'autorité du Ministère du Travail. CONTRÔLE DU MINISTÈRE DE L'EDUCATION NATIONALE : INEAD est soumis au contrôle pédagogique et administratif du Ministère de l'Éducation Nationale, conformément à l'article L. 442-2 du Code de l'Education. CONTRÔLE ADMINISTRATIF ET FINANCIER DU MINISTÈRE DU TRAVAIL : INEAD est enregistré en tant qu'organisme de formation auprès de la Direction Régionale du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle (DRTEFP). L'établissement est soumis au contrôle du Ministère du Travail conformément aux articles L6361-1 et L6361-2 du Code du travail. MEMBRE FEDE : INEAD est membre de la Fédération Européenne Des Écoles (FEDE). Créée en 1963, la FEDE représente aujourd’hui 75 Diplômes Européens passés par plus de 14 000 étudiants dans plus de 350 écoles en France et en Europe.Tous les diplômes FEDE sont basés sur le système européen de transfert et d’accumulation de crédits European Credit Transfert System (ECTS). ACCRÉDITATION DE LA FEDE PAR L’IACBE : L’IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education) accrédite des programmes de formations répondant à des critères précis d’exigence. Les formations accréditées doivent permettre d’acquérir des compétences professionnelles spécifiques au monde du travail. Tous les diplômes DEES délivrés par la FEDE sont accrédités IACBE. [-]

Calgary Flight Training Centre

Canada Calgary September 2017

CFTC Advantage Choosing Calgary Flight Training Centre offers you, the student, many advantages. Flying lesson in Calgary area of Alberta all interested professional or enthusiastic pilots and those needing a brush up. Olds-Didsbury Airport is a quiet, well maintained, airport which enables us to provide safe, efficient, and cost effective flight training. Other airports in the Calgary area are nearing capacity and costly delays can be a regular occurrence. … [+] Trainee pilots must train in designated areas. Ours is located within a few miles of the airport again enabling the student to save valuable money by not having to travel to and from the practice area. Other airports in the area require students to travel far just to begin their flight lesson. CFTC students have been able to complete their licenses according Transport Canada requirements in much less time than national average saving more money. Calgary Flight Training Center offers a fleet of G500 Glass cockpit aircraft (Diamond DA 20) and a more sophisticated airplane (Diamond DA 40) equipped with a G1000 Glass Cockpit with Autopilot. The instructors are well experienced on these type of aircraft. [-]

Academy Of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS)

Canada Ontario September 2017

AAPS Dean’s Message I am delighted to welcome you to the AAPS website. We, at AAPS, strive to offer our students opportunities to expand their learning experience beyond the classroom while providing them with a variety of ways to explore their interests and passions. AAPS also supports its students with guidance and advice on academic and career opportunities. AAPS is a recognized leader in professional development and training in the field of pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, m… [+] edical device, cosmetic, and food . Due to the nature of these industries, AAPS aims to put itself at the forefront of professional development and training by continuously evolving and expanding its programs in an attempt to respond effectively to rapidly changing technologies and workforce demands. It is with this method that our programs will prepare you for your future. Here, students can take advantage of intellectual, personal, and professional growth opportunities. Students are able to shape their future with every program that they participate by further expanding their knowledge and with our extraordinary faculty and staff, students can easily chart their course and create the ever so important industry network. We offer a robust academic counselling program through focused one-on-one meetings with myself, the Dean. Furthermore, AAPS offers a faculty-mentoring program to help students connect with the professors and faculty members and explore academic interests and interests outside of the classroom setting. We also have peer-mentoring program to help students build a valuable network and supportive community while students attend AAPS. At AAPS, students will join a select group of peers. Those who attend AAPS are men and women from across the globe with diverse backgrounds and proven leadership ability. They are bright, accomplished and ambitious individuals who are seeking to improve their skill set and employment outlook. AAPS is located in Toronto, the financial and cultural centre of Canada, and one of the world’s great multicultural cities. This gives us access to the head offices of many organizations and has allowed us to build strong linkages to the pharmaceutical and food community. If you are already part of our community or are interested in joining us, you are very warmly welcomed and I hope that you will visit us. I particularly invite you to take note of our abilities to help student get placed with pharma, food and allied industries. For those who are considering joining AAPS, take some time to explore the program information on our website, visit our campus, and get a career consultation prior to the start of the term. At AAPS we are always interested in hearing from our prospective students. Ask us a question, tell us how we can help you, or come in to see us. You can email us at, or call us at 416-502-2277. I look forward to getting to know each of you personally, so please stop by! Best regards, Laleh Bighash Dean of Scientific Affairs AAPS AAPS Facilities FULLY EQUIPPED PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORY The spacious pharmaceutical lab allows students to gain the hands-on experience they need in running laboratory equipment and perform tests on pharmaceutical raw material, in-process material and finished products. The laboratory is equipped with latest audiovisual equipment and fully automated HPLCs running with Empower and Millenium software as well as Dissolution, IR, UV, Auto-Titrators, Karl Fisher, Friability and Hardness Testers. The lab allows plenty of space for students to maximize learning and perform tests independently preparing them for gainful employment with the pharmaceutical industry. ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY LABORATORY The newly build analytical chemistry lab includes instructional area, instrumentation area, support space, and preparation room storage. Cutting-edge technology encourages hands-on practical experiments and motivates students to incorporate what they have learned into their careers and lives. Special features of the modernized lab will include sample preparation station, wet chemistry testing station, physical chemistry testing station, HPLC, UV, IR, Autotitrators, pH meters,.. Students will be able to use these equipments independently to master instrumental and wet chemistry analysis. About AAPS Pharmaceutical Training Center AAPS is registered as a private career college under the private career colleges act, 2005 If you are looking for a college that offers challenging programs in high demand fields, such as Pharmal, Biopharma, healthcare, Food, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, and Environmental AAPS is the place for you. Don’t wait for life’s rewards to come around – Make it happen by getting the education you need. AAPS is the Canadian premier Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical training college. The school was established in 2003 to address the growing demands by healthcare manufacturers for better prepared and more practically trained applicants. In tailored response, AAPS was designed and made operational by a team of highly experienced industry experts with one mission in mind; to create professional skill development programs that would exceed industry-training standards”. Employing only leading industry professionals with decades of experience, AAPS is setting the standard for pharmaceutical, food and healthcare training and career advancement. These experts continually develop and update the diploma programs and certificate courses at AAPS to meet the rigorous demands of the industry. Three state-of-the-art laboratories and modern classroom facilities, combined with ongoing partnerships and course development consultations with employers and regulatory bodies, have helped AAPS reach its unique and highly regarded place in the education and training field. AAPS is among the top rated and most respected college in North America. The close industry relations, well equipped laboratories, and professional facilities allow AAPS to design and instruct programs that produce well-qualified graduates whom are eagerly recruited for professional employment at both entry and advanced levels. AAPS graduates enjoy the highest employment rate in the industry. Come join us today! [-]


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Enaco est la première école de commerce à distance en France proposant 35 formations diplômantes et qualifiantes dans les domaines du commerce, management, vente, marketing, immobilier et Rh jusqu’à Bac +5. Déroulement des formations Toutes les formations proposées par Enaco se suivent intégralement en ligne sur eTrotter, notre campus virtuel développé par nos équipes. Sur eTrotter, l’étudiant a accès à tous ses cours, devoirs mais également aux classes virtuelles. eTrott… [+] er intègre des fonctionnalités de partage et d'échange (chat, forum, wiki...) ainsi que les Google Apps. L'étudiant peut ainsi échanger en visio-conférence avec ses professeurs via Google Hangout, le service de discussion vidéo en direct de Google. E-Trotter est accessible 24h sur 24, 7 jours sur 7, aussi bien sur ordinateur, tablette que smartphone : vous pourrez ainsi vous former ou que vous soyez et quand vous le souhaitez ! Suivi pédagogique Tout au long de votre formation vous serez suivi par notre équipe pédagogique. Vous disposerez d’un encadrement et d’un soutien pédagogique individuel et personnalisé. Vous bénéficiez d’un échange personnalisé avec le professeur de chaque matière. Ces échanges s’effectuent par téléphone, mail, live chats et/ou visio-conférences. Afin de vous accompagner au mieux, vos professeurs organisent régulièrement des classes virtuelles thématiques. ENACO, l’excellence d’une école innovante Enaco est soumise au contrôle pédagogique de l’Education Nationale et de la Fédération Européenne des Ecoles et est certifiée qualité ISO 9001 et Veriselect. Nos différentes accréditations et agréments témoignent de notre engagement dans la qualité de nos formations, la satisfaction de nos étudiants et leur employabilité. Les BTS proposés par ENACO sont reconnus et soumis au contrôle pédagogique de l’Education Nationale et les Bachelors et Masters sont, quant à eux, reconnus par la FEDE. Nos 9 engagements qualité Un campus virtuel accessible 24h/24 et entièrement compatible sur tablettes et smartphones pour étudier ou l’on veut, quand on veut ! Un campus virtuel à la pointe de l’innovation pédagogique : intégration des Google Apps, notamment Hangout, pour suivre des discussions vidéo en direct regroupant jusqu’à 15 personnes Des nombreux outils communautaires (forums, chats, wikis, Hangout...) et un système de géolocalisation pour échanger et créer un véritable partage avec les professeurs et entre étudiants Une absence de frais annexes à la formation : pas de frais de déplacement, d’hébergement, de restauration... Des enseignants expérimentés issus du monde professionel et de l’enseignement supérieur Une certification Qualité ISO 9001 et Veriselect, preuve de l’engagement de notre établissement dans la qualité de nos formations La possibilité de s’inscrire et de commencer sa formation à tout moment Un rythme de formation adapté à chaque situation (accéléré ou étalé dans le temps) Un accompagnement vers l’emploi, une fois diplômé, par le cabinet Page Personnel [-]


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4 BONNES RAISONS DE CHOISIR ESOAD SA SPECIALITE : ESOAD est la seule école en France à proposer exclusivement des diplômes FEDE. SON EXPERTISE : Depuis plus de 15 années, Esoad accompagne ses étudiants dans la réussite de leur projet personnel d'études. SON ENCADREMENT : Un engagement basé sur une relation pédagogique efficace et humaine. Une équipe de professeurs référents et conseillers pédagogiques qui vous accompagnent et vous soutiennent. SA QUALITÉ : C… [+] ontenu des cours conforme au référentiel FEDE Cours conçus par nos professeurs experts dans les formations Européennes. Pourquoi opter pour la solution e-learning? Concilier études et vie professionnelle Pas de contraintes d'horaires et de déplacements Accèder aux cours quand je veux et où je veux Disposer d'une formation interactive Le e-learning est un moyen simple de travailler depuis chez vous à votre rythme tout en conservant par exemple votre emploi actuel. Les cours sont disponibles sur une plateforme en ligne. Un logiciel installé sur votre ordinateur vous permet d'accéder aux cours ainsi qu'aux compléments associés comme des vidéos, des explications au format audio ainsi que des résumés de cours. Vous disposez d'un professeur référent que vous pouvez contacter facilement par téléphone, par courrier électronique ou par le biais du logiciel de discussion instantanée Skype. L’apprentissage à distance Il se réalise aux moyens de cours magistraux, audios et videos. Votre accès individualisé à la plateforme e-learning est 24H/24 et 7J/7 L’encadrement Vous disposez d'un encadrement et d'un soutien pédagogique individuels et personnalisés. Un professeur référent et un conseiller pédagogique vous accompagnent tout au long de votre parcours de formation et répondent à vos questions. Tout est mis en oeuvre pour atteindre vos objectifs La progression personnalisée Dans le respect de votre rythme et de votre emploi du temps, les modules de cours vous sont délivrés progressivement. L’audit L’audit est un rendez-vous régulier avec votre conseiller pédagogique. Il permet notamment un suivi de votre assiduité, une redéfinition de vos objectifs de progression, une plannification et préparation de vos examens. [-]

Confederation College

Canada Thunder Bay September 2017

As a public college, established in Thunder Bay in 1967, Confederation College has a proven track record of delivering exceptional education and training to an average of 8,800 full and part-time students every year. It has more than 60 programs 3 academic schools. School of Business, Hospitality and Media Arts School of Engineering Technology and Trades and Aviation School of Health and Community Services

Fanshawe College

Canada London September 2017

Student Experience We know you’re more than a student. That’s why Fanshawe is more than a college. Just look at Fanshawe’s incredible campus - or ask someone who knows. It’s a place where people meet and futures are made. In addition to state-of-the-art tools for mastering your craft, we’ve got restaurants, residences and everything you need to have the best time with some of the best friends - people who share your passions and dreams. Fanshawe is a place to … [+] engage and be hands-on with what you love - creating something, solving problems, helping others - and building a foundation for a lifetime of happiness and success. For success you’ll have: wireless everywhere study & tutorial services resumé & job search services career listings medical services For fun you’ll have: over a dozen restaurants & cafeterias, including an on-campus bar retail services three student residences bus pass fitness centre & sports complex varsity & intramural teams 106.9 The X Our Grads Get Jobs Plain and simple, Fanshawe College is the smart investment for your future. Because we’re constantly upgrading our technology and curriculum to ensure Fanshawe students get the skills and experience that employers are looking for. In fact, employers keep coming to us — for co-op and on-campus recruiting — competing to hire Fanshawe grads for jobs before someone else does. With Fanshawe’s Career Services you’ll get access to job search consultations, information, and on-campus recruiting — both while you’re a student and after you graduate. The facts speak for themselves: 86.5% of Fanshawe College grads found employment within six months. Find your future program from one of the over 110 we offer, take a tour, learn more about our student services and campus life, or apply now. [-]

EC Language Centres

Malta St. Julian United Kingdom London Cambridge Oxford Bristol Brighton Manchester South Africa Cape Town USA Boston La Jolla New York San Francisco Miami Santa Monica Canada Montreal Vancouver Toronto September 2017 + 17 more

Our Mission: Helping students succeed in a global community We believe the best way to teach English is to fully immerse our students in the language and culture of an English-speaking country. We offer a wide range of English language courses for students of all levels and ages, and aim to provide a 'home away from home' for our students, by assisting them with airport transfers, accommodation and continuous support during their stay. We believe that by being able to… [+] speak English, our students will broaden their horizons and give themselves a competitive edge. While studying in an English-speaking country we want our students to learn about the local culture and cultures of their international classmates. We believe that better cultural understanding brings people together and benefits all. When our students leave us, we want them to take with them an improved level of English, a better understanding of the world, improved opportunities and memories and experiences they will never forget. Whether you learn English for school, university or English for the workplace, we have an English course that is perfect for your needs. Accredited Schools Our centres are accredited by the leading associations in their respective countries and also by the major international organisations. These accreditations prove our commitment to providing high quality and innovative English language courses in all of our centres. Choose EC for Guaranteed Success If you do not progress at the rate we expect, we will provide you with support, additional lessons and all the help you need to reach your target level at no extra charge. Your end of the deal is to show us full commitment by attending all your lessons and completing all your assigned work. Origins of EC EC Malta was established in 1991 as EC’s first and only school. This small school quickly gained a wonderful reputation and became one of the leading English language schools in Malta. Fast-forwarding to today you can see where this reputation has taken us. EC now has 17 schools in five countries on three continents. This year EC’s 700-plus staff will help over 40,000 students from over 140 countries to learn and improve their English language skills. What Makes EC Special You will only find EC schools in English-speaking countries and only in the top locations. Our schools are always in the most prestigious and central areas of the city. Choose any EC school and you will be impressed by the facilities the school has to offer. We heavily invest in keeping our schools modern and comfortable for you. We know you will learn better when you are relaxed and in a good environment. From innovating Club 50+ to Freestyle English programmes, we’re always looking at introducing new courses and improving the service we offer. We listen to our students and appreciate the feedback they give us. This allows us to establish new English courses as the needs of today’s English learners change. Maybe that’s why 97% of 40,000 EC students would recommend EC to a friend! In our world-wide centres we have accumulated a combined total of over 150 years of English language teaching experience and each new EC school helps us to enrich ourselves, making us more diverse and adding to our strengths as a whole. [-]

University of Alberta: Alberta School of Business

Canada Alberta September 2017

The University of Alberta was founded 1908. Over the past century, the UofA has established itself as a leading research intensive University, one of the top Universities in Canada and amongst the top 100 Universities worldwide! The Alberta School of Business at the UofA is one of Canada’s leading business schools, offering Bachelor of Commerce, Master, PhD and Executive Education programs. The Alberta MBA is a 20 month full-time program. With small class sizes, t… [+] he Alberta MBA provides for a personalized and high-quality experience which is further enhanced by the program’s faculty, many of them winners of teaching and other excellence awards. Collaborative With 80 full-time students joining the Alberta MBA each year, you are able to build strong relationship with each of your classmates. A team-based approach to learning allows you to develop your team and leadership skills while getting to learn with peers from diverse backgrounds. Flexible The Alberta MBA requires all students to complete key business fundamental courses and a mix of elective courses. With 9 elective courses, you are able to tailor your degree with a mix of courses best suited to your own interests or complete one of our formal specializations. [-]

McGill University

Master Canada Montreal September 2017

Fast Facts 1821 founding date of McGill University 1st in Canada among medical-doctoral universities for eleven consecutive years (Maclean’s 2016) 24th in the world (QS World University Rankings 2015/16) 300+ programs of study 25% international students 23% graduate students Highest % of PhD students of any Canadian research university 180 countries where alumni live and work 139 Rhodes S… [+] cholars—the highest among Canadian universities 12 Nobel Prize winners—the highest among Canadian universities Who We Are McGill University is one of Canada's best-known institutions of higher learning and one of the leading universities in the world. With students coming to McGill from some 150 countries, our student body is the most internationally diverse of any research-intensive university in the country. McGill was founded in 1821 thanks to a generous bequest by James McGill, and since then, we've grown from a small college to a bustling university with two campuses, 11 faculties, some 300 programs of study, and 40,000 students. The University also partners with four affiliated teaching hospitals to graduate over 1,000 health care professionals each year. A Tradition of Success McGill is recognized around the world for the excellence of its teaching and research programs. Ernest Rutherford's Nobel Prize-winning research on the nature of radioactivity was conducted at McGill, part of a long tradition of innovation on our campuses that includes the invention of the artificial blood cell and Plexiglas. Today our professors are building the new field of epigenetics, developing alternative energy sources from crop plants and driving human achievement in every field imaginable. Our 250,000+ graduates form a vast global network, with many alumni reaching the top of their professions as Supreme Court Justices, award-winning authors and musicians, astronauts and more. The Brightest Students In addition to a stellar faculty, McGill is known for attracting the brightest students from across Canada, the United States, and around the world. McGill students have the highest average entering grades in Canada, and our commitment to fostering the very best has helped our students win more national and international awards on average than their peers at any other Canadian university. The prestigious Rhodes Scholarship has gone to a nation-leading 138 McGill students. The ability to balance academic excellence with the extracurricular is another hallmark of the McGill student. In addition to a rich athletic tradition that includes many Olympians and the birth of hockey and football, thousands of McGill students participate in the hundreds of clubs, associations and community groups that enrich Montreal and contribute to a vibrant campus life. Mission The mission of McGill University is the advancement of learning and the creation and dissemination of knowledge, by offering the best possible education, by carrying out research and scholarly activities judged to be excellent by the highest international standards, and by providing service to society. Motto Grandescunt Aucta Labore (By work, all things increase and grow.) Coat of arms The McGill coat of arms is derived from an armorial device assumed by James McGill, founder of the University. The patent of arms was granted by England's Garter-King-at-Arms in 1922 and registered in 1956 with Lord Lyon King of Arms in Edinburgh and in 1992 with the Public Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada. In heraldic terms, the coat of arms is described as follows: "Argent three Martlets Gules, on a chief dancette of the second, an open book proper garnished or bearing the legend In Domino Confido in letters Sable between two crowns of the first. Motto: Grandescunt Aucta Labore." The coat of arms consists of two parts, the shield and the scroll. Permission to reproduce The coat of arms and other McGill symbols are a source of pride and identification for the University and are protected by trademark. McGill's Secretariat is the headquarters for ceremonial matters, and is responsible for considering requests to reproduce the McGill coat of arms and "signature," the University seal, etc. 10 Points of Pride 1. RANKING AMONG PEER INSTITUTIONS 1st in Canada among medical-doctoral universities for 11 consecutive years (Maclean's University Rankings 2016) 24th in the world (QS World University Rankings 2015) 39th in the world (Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2014/15) 1st or tied for 1st among Canada's large universities in information technology, city satisfaction, reputation with employers and libraries (Globe and Mail’s Canadian University Report) 2. THE FINEST STUDENTS McGill is known worldwide for its sky-high entering grades, and our students have counted an astounding 139 Rhodes Scholars among their ranks—more than any other Canadian university. Each year, they earn armfuls of prestigious awards and prizes for academic and athletic achievement, and in Canada's May 2011 election, five of our students defeated incumbents to become some of the nation's youngest-ever Members of Parliament. 3. McGILL FIRSTS The discovery that atoms are divisible. The first map of the brain's motor cortex. The inventions of Plexiglas, three major sports and the artificial blood cell. For more than 190 years, McGillians and their Eureka moments have been changing the world for the better. 4. WORLD-BEATING ALUMNI They live in some 180 countries. Their ranks include world leaders, astronauts, Nobel laureates, and a host of trailblazers in the worlds of art, science, business and public service. In a 2013 survey, employers ranked McGill's degrees as the 37th most-prestigious in the world. Across borders and disciplines, McGill’s 250,000+ living alumni are using their education and experiences to make a difference in the world. 5. A REPUTATION FOR RESEARCH With a strong focus on interdisciplinary work, we rank among the finest research-intensive universities in the world, and carry on a tradition of excellence that includes Sir Ernest Rutherford, Wilder Penfield, Charles Taylor and many others. Today, our researchers are making great strides in a wide range of fields, from green chemistry to nanotechnology, from the science of food to the secrets of genomics and proteomics. 6. CANADA'S MOST INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY McGill is one of Canada's best-known institutions of higher learning and one of the leading research-intensive universities in the world. With 24% of our students coming to McGill from more than 150 countries, our student body is the most internationally diverse medical-doctoral university in the country. Our top-notch internship programs places students across the globe, and our alumni live in more than 180 countries worldwide. 7. AN EFFERVESCENT METROPOLIS Montreal sits at the meeting point of the Old and New Worlds. It's a city of cobblestones and an international hub for aerospace, pharmaceuticals, software engineering and more. It's a safe, vibrant place bursting with culture that consistently ranks among the world's most livable cities. Montreal is home to some 220,000 post-secondary students, as well as a wealth of greenspace, and the hundreds of cafes and restos for which Montreal is famous. In fact, the city ranks as the 8th best student city in the world. 8. A COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY We're passionate about sustainability, and we're doing something about it. McGill's Vision 2020 Sustainability Strategy sets an ambitious agenda for a greener, fairer, healthier future, and our Sustainability Projects Fund offers $840,000 of seed funding each year to projects that help us get there. Since 2009, we have funded a wide range of initiatives including urban gardening projects, a bicycle collective, green waste management systems and more. 9. NOBEL PRIZE-WINNERS McGill counts twelve Nobel Prize-winners among its faculty and alumni—the most of any Canadian university—whose contributions include the technology behind digital cameras, the discovery of how the human body protects its genetic code, the theory of electron transfer, groundbreaking work on visual perception, hormones and particle interaction and the discovery of dendritic cells, with their immune signaling pathways that control and drive the immune response. 10. A GREAT PLACE TO WORK At McGill, we know the importance of attracting the best and brightest: from our students to our researchers to our employees. That’s why we do all that we can to ensure that McGill is a place where everyone thrives, and we’re proud to say our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. We have again been named one of Montreal's Top Employers for 2015. [-]

Bishop's University

Canada Sherbrooke September 2017

About BU Located in the beautiful Eastern Townships region of the province of Quebec, Bishop’s is a unique English-language university that offers its students an undergraduate university experience like no other. The BU difference Bishop’s boasts some of the smallest class sizes in the country, and passionate, supportive professors who truly care about the success of their students. The result is that all BU students receive personalized attention and val… [+] uable support throughout their studies. Bishop’s connects its students to an array of outstanding learning opportunities, including internships and exceptional training experiences. These opportunities enable students to strengthen their skills and obtain valuable professional experience, all while working to complete their studies. Bishop’s creates a unique social environment for its students, one that fosters personal growth and development. This caring and supportive atmosphere nurtures students, and helps transform them into confident and skilled leaders who are ready to make a difference in this world. These elements, when combined, form the essence and the soul of the Bishop’s community. BU at a glance Location Bishop’s is located in the bilingual community of Lennoxville, a suburb of the city of Sherbrooke, Quebec, located about 1.5 hours southeast of Montreal. The Eastern Townships region is known for offering a safe and welcoming atmosphere, exceptional outdoor recreational opportunities, and a great quality of life. Campus Bishop’s University’s 550-acre campus features 25 buildings, including seven residences, two libraries, two theatres, outstanding classrooms, laboratories, athletic facilities, a sports and recreation centre that includes three gyms, an indoor pool and an 800-seat arena, a historic chapel, a music recital hall, and a daycare. A duck pond and wildlife refuge, 10 tennis courts, an outdoor pool and a golf course are also found on the campus. History Bishop’s University was founded as Bishop’s College in 1843, under the sponsorship of the Right Reverend G.J. Mountain, the Anglican Bishop of Quebec, with the assistance of a group of clergy and laymen from the Eastern Townships. In 1853, the University received a Royal Charter granting it the right to confer degrees. Bishop’s remained under the aegis of the Church of England until 1947, when the Corporation of the University was reconstituted as a nondenominational body. Since this time, Bishop’s University has welcomed students from all backgrounds, cultures and creeds. Faculty Bishop’s University boasts some of Canada’s best university professors. Our 115 full-time faculty members are involved in extensive research and publishing endeavours. However, they have chosen to work at Bishop’s because they love teaching and working with undergraduate students. We put great emphasis on personal contact between students and professors, and favour small classes and frequent seminars, laboratories and tutorials. Alumni Bishop’s alumni groups are among the most cohesive and supportive in Canada. Our alumni branches are scattered around the world, and host events throughout the year for graduates and friends of the University. Academic profile Bishop’s is an English-language undergraduate university that offers a selection of more than 100 programs across 3 faculties and schools: The Faculty of Arts and Science The Williams School of Business The School of Education Programs Bishop’s University offers bachelor’s (B.A., B.B.A., B.Ed., and B.Sc.) and master’s (M.A., M.Ed., and M.Sc.) programs through three faculties. Class sizes Average size of: 1st year classes: 32 2nd year classes: 27 3rd year classes: 13 4th year classes: 6.5 Interesting facts There are students enrolled from every Canadian province and territory, 22 states, and from 52 countries worldwide. In the past 5 years, the University has seen a 40% increase in enrolment. The average entering high school student in 2012 had an 84% average. The average entering CEGEP student in 2012 had a 26 R-score. Over 84% of our students are active in clubs, or varsity or intramural sports. 96% of our students live within walking distance of campus. 70% of our first-year students live in our on-campus residences. Did you know? Over 19,000 individuals around the world proudly claim Bishop’s University as their alma mater. Go Bishop’s! [-]

Centre for Arts and Technology

Canada Kelowna September 2017

Centre for Arts and TechnologyCentre for Arts and Technology is not your typical community college or university. The foundation was built over 30 years ago by leaders in both media training and educational excellence. The journey has been long with many different paths being bridged together – the end result is one of Canada’s leading colleges in digital arts and technical training.Art Schools in Canada - About Centre for Arts and TechnologyToday, we are recognized as one… [+] of the few multi-campus schools that continually graduate successful students in the areas of filmmaking, animation, audio engineering, fashion design, event management, interior design, photography, graphic design, and network security. But we are more than hallways and classrooms, instructors and students. Centre for Arts and Technology is a community that is built through industry contacts and advancing technologies. It is a college that nurtures students along their educational journey, providing challenges and opportunities, mentorship and motivation, all while fostering a collaborative environment where students can reach their full potential. It has been said by many that have walked through our doors – “you can really feel the difference”. This is one of the greatest compliments we can receive and is something we are always striving to achieve. We want to feel different because we want to be different. It’s not only what make Centre for Arts and Technology special, it’s what makes the students special.Mission and ValuesOur MissionWe believe in empowering people through education. Our Values Live and Inspire Excellence Lead where you stand, with humility, never complacent – empowering exceptional behaviour Strive to learn, grow, be self-aware, and help others do the same Always Ethical, Always with Integrity, Always Accountable; to ourselves, to others and the planet Hard and smart work dedicated to continuous improvement OurCampusesThe campuses are as diverse and unique as the students who attend. Centre for Arts and Technology has chosen to call Fredericton, Halifax, and Kelowna home. These distinct cities provide opportunities to the communities surrounding them and add a cultural element to your educational experience. [-]

Keyin College

Canada Saint John's September 2017

A Message From Our Founder CHOOSING A CAREER PATH is one of the most important choices you will make. Explore all your options but follow the path that excites you and offers you the challenges that will continue to motivate you as you learn. Thank you for considering Keyin College as your pathway. Over the past 36 years, we have educated thousands of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians and proudly watched our graduates join the workplace across the world! Keyin College… [+] believes in developing programs which broaden your technical and personal skills. We encourage our students to be community volunteers and supporters, to expand their network and increase self confidence. The real world can teach us so much! Our province is a wonderful place to live and work and there are so many opportunities for you right now. Choose wisely and ENJOY THE RIDE! Sincerely,Gwen Tucker / Founder, Keyin College Mission Statement The Keyin College team of faculty and staff is committed to being a leading independent educator by continuing to deliver industry driven programs in a comfortable learning environment. The Keyin Philosophy Keyin College strives to design its programs so that each student receives industry-driven training and to ensure that students are equipped with both the practical and academic skills necessary to enter the workforce. Our Student Work Term Placement Program enhances the education received at Keyin, by reinforcing and applying the skills that students have acquired during their academic programs. In addition, the low student/instructor ratio, as well as a one-to-one student/equipment ratio, allows for more individualized attention. The History of Keyin College Keyin College began training on March 17, 1980 and rapidly became a leading private post-secondary college with campuses throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Keyin’s curriculum is designed to offer skills training that prepares its students for the demands of today’s competitive marketplace. With such a focus, it is easy to see why Keyin College has been producing graduates who are prepared to meet the demands and challenges of the ever-changing business world. If you want to be part of an organization where exceptional things have been happening for more than 36 years, look no further. Our dedication to student success is paramount. We are proud to have graduated over 30,000 students, offering quality programs that have impacted individuals, families, and communities in outstanding ways. [-]

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Canada Moose Jaw Prince Albert Regina Saskatoon September 2017

The Polytechnic Advantage A high-quality, job-focused education. Strength in academic offerings Strength in industry connections Strength in applied research Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a member of Polytechnics Canada, an alliance of 11 research-intensive, industry-responsive post-secondary institutions. As a Student You get personalized attention and hands-on learning opportunities. You focus on applied learning and applied research… [+] skills. You will be prepared to contribute on the job with marketable skills. As an Employer Programs are based on labour market needs. Curriculum is developed through consultation with industry. Applied research partnerships help employers access funding and find solutions to real-world problems. As an Employee You are part of a diverse and talented group of professionals at a nationally recognized polytechnic. You benefit from and contribute to our strength in academic offerings, industry connections and applied research. As a Taxpayer Saskatchewan Polytechnic provides technical training and applied problem solving that drives economic growth in the province. Quick Facts about Saskatchewan Polytechnic 93% of Saskatchewan Polytechnic grads surveyed were employed. Employers love Saskatchewan Polytechnic grads - almost 96% said they'd hire a Saskatchewan Polytechnic grad again. Saskatchewan Polytechnic gives away more than $2 million in student awards annually. 96% of Saskatchewan Polytechnic grads rate program quality as satisfied to very satisfied. More than 3,000 Saskatchewan Polytechnic students declare themselves as having Aboriginal ancestry - that's more than any other post-secondary institution in the province. Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers three ways to apply and you can start the application process right now! Enrolment 13,502 student enrolment (full load equivalent1) 5,561 Saskatoon 2,868 Moose Jaw 2,969 Regina 2,104 Prince Albert Training Activity 41% certificate/diploma/degree base 16% apprenticeship 17% basic education 11% credit course registrations 12% continuing education 2% non-credit course registrations Programs Credit programs - 177 Certificate2 - 99 Diploma - 50 Degree (joint & standalone) - 3 Post graduate certificate - 1 Apprenticeship programs - 24 Saskatchewan Polytechnic serves 27,000 distinct students through applied learning opportunities at campuses in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon, and through extensive distance education opportunities. Programs serve every economic and public service sector. As a polytechnic, the organization provides the depth of learning appropriate to employer and student need, including certificate, diploma and degree programs, and apprenticeship training. Saskatchewan Polytechnic engages in applied research, drawing on faculty expertise to support innovation by employers, and providing students the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills. Vision By 2020, our expertise in responsive applied education and research that meet student and market needs will make us globally recognized as the first-choice polytechnic in Canada. We have four strategic themes that build on our strategic differentiators, respond to our clients’ needs and help us achieve our vision. #1 Making successful careers possible We are in the business of helping our clients—students and employers—be successful. Our flexible, lifelong learning opportunities allow students and graduates to take charge of their careers and support continuing skills development. #2 Advancing economic and social prosperity As Saskatchewan’s only polytechnic school, we are uniquely positioned to make significant contributions to the province’s economic and social prosperity. We advance strategic partnerships and alliances with industry, other educational institutions and government to benefit our clients. #3 Pursuing excellence in program quality and innovation We work with employers to solve problems, to stay current with industry needs and to enhance student learning opportunities. #4 Leading organizational effectiveness We deliver programs and services effectively and sustainably. We attract and retain the best employees and communicates effectively throughout our organization. Mission To educate students and provide skilled and successful graduates. Values Respect We care about one another and about our workplace. We foster an open and inclusive environment that embraces diverse cultures, heritages and opinions; we learn, work and support each other as one team. Integrity We are committed to being accountable and transparent. We are honest with one another. We hold ourselves to high standards of ethical behaviour and take responsibility for our actions. Excellence We go above and beyond what is normally expected to achieve excellence in our teaching, in our programming, in our learning and in our services. We accomplish this by maintaining high standards, strong competencies, committed partnerships and by being responsive and accessible. Sustainability We work, live and learn in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We support the health, safety and overall wellbeing of our students, employees and partners. We are conscientious stewards of our resources and continuously look for entrepreneurial and creative ways to strengthen and improve our organization. These considerations underlie all our actions, behaviours and decisions. [-]

Medicine Hat College

Canada Medicine Hat Brooks September 2017

Welcome to Medicine Hat College! Known for our focus on students -- and our innovative and collaborative nature -- Medicine Hat College proudly serves over 8,000 learners each year. We are committed to the communities of southeast Alberta, yet mindful of global opportunities, whether looking to study with us, partner on a new venture or idea or use our facilities to help make the most of your meeting or celebrations- we're here for you. MHC is a proud member of Campus… [+] Alberta and welcomes partnerships to benefit our students and communities. Share your ideas, share your stories and share in a successful future with us. College Profile What we promise Medicine Hat College provides education that prepares students for further studies, careers and life. Our people are passionate about unleashing the potential of every student- intellectually, emotionally, and socially. Through every encounter we have with students- and all that we do- we will seek to recognize and encourage their potential as learners, workers and global citizens. Opportunities to learn Degrees in partnership with Alberta universities University transfer allowing students to start degrees here Certificate, diploma, and applied degree programs for careers and employment College preparation Apprenticeship trades Continuing studies for career enhancement and recruitment Conservatory of Music and Dance English as a Second Language Campuses in Medicine Hat and Brooks Innovate and create Our Office of Innovation and Scholarship (OIS) supports applied research done to benefit students, industry, the community, and beyond. This is done by offering facilities, training, and expertise to organizations in researching and developing their products and services. In addition, we actively collaborate with businesses, other post-secondary institutions, government, and non-government agencies on a wide range of innovative projects. Contact our office if you're interested in finding out where research and innovation can take you. [-]

University of Saskatchewan, Edwards School of Business

Master MSc Canada Saskatoon September 2017

Our Mission Statement The Edwards School of Business develops business professionals to build nations. The Edwards School of Business creates opportunities for dynamic learning and critical thinking. We are grounded in our values of authenticity and integrity. We embrace the teacher-scholar model, and deliver our mission through faculty with strong academic and professional expertise. Our culture celebrates diversity and embraces pluralism. We engage our stakeholders… [+] to build value in their communities. About the Edwards School of Business While over the years the name of business programming has changed what has not changed is a total commitment to an excellent educational experience for students. Over the past nearly 100 years as we have grown from a small program linked to the professional accounting community to a comprehensive Business School we listened to you! You told us that a business education must have deep functional roots in core disciplines of accounting and finance, marketing and management, human resources and strategy. But you also told us that these deep functional roots must be enhanced with integrated decision making skills. Finally, you told us to remember that effective decision making requires key professional competencies of communications and leadership within a framework of ethics and social responsibility. You will find these characteristics embedded in all of our programs. A Glance at the Edwards School of Business today: Over $20 Million annual operating budget Over 121 faculty and staff Over 2200 students Five degree programs (Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Business Administration, Master of Professional Accounting, Master of Science in Finance, Master of Science in Marketing) Two certificate programs (Business Administration Certificate, Aboriginal Business Administration Certificate) Over 23,500 Alumni [-]

University of Windsor

Master MSc MA Canada Windsor September 2017

The University of Windsor is a comprehensive, student-centred university, with more than 16,500 students enrolled in a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs including several professional schools such as Law, Business, Engineering, Education, Nursing, Human Kinetics and Social Work. The new Ed Lumley Centre for Engineering Innovation, the largest capital project on campus to date, opened in the fall of 2012 as a world-class hub for innovation, featuring the latest… [+] in classroom teaching technology, an Industrial Courtyard for collaborative work with the region and 80 research labs. To see our beautiful campus, click here to take a virtual tour. UWindsor will expand its campus into the downtown core when the Schools of Visual Arts, Music, Social Work, the film production program and the Centre for Executive and Professional Education, move into renovated historical buildings in 2015. The University of Windsor is located next to North America’s busiest international border crossing, where Ontario’s highway 401and Michigan’s I-75 meet, and facing one of Canada’s most beautiful waterfronts on the Detroit River. This location speaks to UWindsor’s greatness as an internationally oriented, multi-disciplined institution that actively enables a broad diversity of students, faculty and staff to make a better world through education, scholarship, research and engagement. From that diversity, the University fosters an atmosphere of close cooperation between faculty and students, creating a unifying atmosphere of excellence across all of its faculties to encourage lifelong learning, teaching, research and discovery. Its basic characteristics of openness, warmth and support make the University of Windsor an exceptionally welcoming community for students and faculty from Asia, Europe, and Africa — or from just down the street. There are more than 110,000 UWindsor alumni, with 35,000 living in the Windsor-Essex region. [-]

Think Tank Training Centre

Master Canada North Vancouver September 2016

Think Tank is dedicated to providing relevant, current, and effective training that will ensure a realistic opportunity for employment. Think Tank specializes in the latest software, techniques, and technologies in order to cater to the needs of the film, television and video game industries. Our number one priority is to open the door for our students to attain that first job. Through first rate instructors, curriculum, a state of the art facility, and our one-of-a-kind… [+] mentorship program, students will be given every advantage available in order to make a smooth transition from student to trained working professional. There are many places worldwide to study Computer Animation. We take great pride in offering what we believe is the best program available. Here are a few reasons why Think Tank Training Centre is different: - Very Small Class Sizes Our classrooms are set up for twelve students only. Thus students get a tremendous amount of one-on-one with their instructors and get to know their classmates very well. - Dedicated Work Stations Each student is assigned a state-of-the-art workstation that will be theirs for the duration of the semester. Any time they come to school it will be waiting for them. Students do not have access to one another’s workstations. Students regularly leave IPods, wallets, cameras, and even money on their desks. Theft is unheard of. - The Very Best Instructors This industry is constantly changing and evolving. Better and faster techniques are being adopted every month. The only way you can really learn what you need to learn to be competitive is by learning from professionals. At Think Tank we only hire professionals. That means the tips and tricks our instructors use at work, are the same tips and tricks they bring back to the classroom. - The Best Equipment and Software Think Tank workstations are outfitted with full HD dual widescreen monitors. We teach the latest industry software. Think Tank has its own “renderfarm”. These days CG workstations need to be robust. Ours can handle anything students can throw at them. - Personal Mentors In the final semester students are assigned personal mentors from local studios. If you want to work on environments for EA, we do what we can to hire someone from EA that works as a lead environment modeler to coach you through your demo reel. He/she meets with you each week and critiques, teaches new techniques, and generally guides you to a successful demo reel. - Continued Support Once you finish your year with us, if for some reason you don’t get a job, you may stay and continue to study for free with a dedicated station for as long as you want. Nobody else offers that kind of support. - Job Placement At this time we have very high placement for our graduate students. Committing to an expensive CG training program is one of the most expensive challenging endeavors you will face your entire life. Do your homework. Ask questions and demand good answers. At Think Tank we want students to leave us “Employed” and happy they made the right choice. What are the program's credentials? Think Tank Training Centre Ltd. offers their Diploma Program in 3D Computer Animation, Visual Effects and Game Design. Do I need to know how to draw to get in the program? Drawing is a plus but not at all a prerequisite. In fact we spend a good deal of time teaching drawing and design techniques. Anyone can learn to draw better with a basic understanding of simple drawing principles. That being said, there are many very successful artists working in this field that have very limited drawing skills. Don’t let this hold you back. Can I start without any knowledge of 3D? Yes, it’s not necessary to have any prior training. Most people know a little Photoshop or a similar program but it’s not essential. We start with the basics. When do the semesters start and how long is the course? The semesters start in early February, early June, and early October. Our program runs for three four-month semesters. Remember, with the “Think Tank Advantage” you can stay indefinitely free of charge after the year is up! Do you accept international students? Yes we do accept international students. We have had students from Brazil, Venezuela, Russia, Sweden, Mexico, USA, India, the UK, Israel, South Africa, and many more. You can get a Visa/Study Permit* from the Canadian consulate in your home country. You will need an official letter of acceptance from Think Tank in order to apply for the Visa/Study Permit *Some countries require a Visa to enter Canada. All countries require a Study Permit to study in Canada. You must have an official letter of acceptance, as well as a passport valid for the full year of study at Think Tank in order to get your Visa/Study Permit. What software do you use? We teach Maya, Softimage, Nuke, ZBrush, Mudbox, Mari, Toonboom, Photoshop, and a host of peripheral programs. [-]

Bow Valley College

Canada Calgary September 2017

You Will Rise At Bow Valley College We have reached the top tier of two-year schools in North America by helping students contribute to the full range of their ability, becoming the best that they can be. A significant expansion in 2013 made us Calgary’s top comprehensive community college. The over $290,000,000 transformation created one of Western Canada’s leading educational institutions, serving over14,000 learners on three campuses and 20 regional centres in … [+] Alberta. Over 1,000 International students every year 115 - Countries represented by students at BVC 93% - Employment rate of alumni within 6 months of grad Students Triumph Here At BVC, you get an excellent education that fits your learning style - any time, any place, any path, and any pace - ensuring you can overcome any barriers to a fulfilling career. You graduate with a work-ready education in one year for a certificate or two years for a diploma, in the vital fields of business, health care, justice, human services, or administration. Certificate graduates will be eligible to apply for a 1-year post-graduate work permit. Diploma graduates will be eligible to apply for a 2 or 3-year post-graduate work permit. The skills you gain will make you an in-demand graduate, exactly what global employers are looking for, giving you the opportunity to begin your journey to a successful future. Because we do more than help you make a living - we help you make a life. A Great City to Learn In There are a number of excellent reasons why The Economist magazine ranks Calgary as number five on its list of the Best Places To Live On Earth. Opportunity - Second highest concentration of head offices in Canada. Strong – Thriving economy and low unemployment. Beautiful – The Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park form a magnificent backdrop to life in Calgary. Safe - Tops the list in as one of the safest and healthiest big cities in Canada. Young – The youngest population in Canada keeps us vibrant. Blue Skies - More hours of sunshine than any other major city in Canada. A Great Country To Learn In Canada is a wonderful place to get an education, opening up doors for you around the world. Affordable - Canada offers the lowest tuition rates for foreign students compared to the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and the US. World Class Education – One of the most advanced, and most respected, education systems in the world. Welcoming Environment
- Canada is a country of immigrants and multicultural diversity, so all are welcome here. High Standard of Living
- All the benefits of one of the world’s most developed nations; safe, secure, extensive health care system and social security network. Scholarships for International Students At Bow Valley College, we remove every possible barrier to your success, including financial. As an international student, you are eligible for a number of International Students Scholarships There are also several recognition awards for top performers during the school term. [-]