Launched in 1980, the Future Studies Program supports both public and private organizations in improving their planning processes to better forecast and deal with changes in their business environment and implement opportunities for the construction of their desired future. PROFUTURO is responsible for the premium international MBA programs in Brazil. Our team works with the highest international standard in providing MBAs and short duration programs, as well as in-company courses, designed to meet each individual company’s needs. The extensive background in research contributes significantly to companies with consulting knowledge backed by advanced prospective methodologies adequate to the specific characteristics and conditions they face.

Profuturo Programs:

International Executive MBA – Brazil’s most dynamic and experienced group of executive students creating and implementing an international corporate strategy. Highly regarded and market reference within senior executives. International seminars to China, India, Europe and the USA are included as an integral part of the program. International MBA – A truly multicultural MBA taught in English and offered in Full-time and Part-time formats. Currently, averaging 13 nationalities in the classroom, our culturally aware and diverse students focus on enhancing and exchanging knowledge, experiences and business models from all over the world, benefitted with an International study trip to the USA and the opportunity to develop a consulting project in renowned Brazilian organizations. Americas MBA – Offered in association with top business schools from Canada, USA, and Mexico, the program initially covers core business management concepts in Brazil. In the second part of the program up to 15 experienced executives from the most dynamic economies of the Americas join for a week in each country immersed in each school’s specialty, to exchange and critically analyze business models and best practices. Additionally, mixed groups of 4-6 students from all schools work on a real-life consulting project for an international company in one of the four countries, presenting the final results to the client organization at the end of the third and final semester of the course.

Strategic Consulting and Research

Executive Education – Open enrollment and In-company

  • Leadership for the Future
  • Strategic management and Planning
  • Profuturo Seminars
  • International and domestic leadership seminars
  • Specialization Courses
  • In-company Courses
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Portuguese (Brazil)

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FIA – Fundação Instituto de Administração

The Professional Master in Business Management was created in 2013 in order to promote education for professional advancement in the management area and in areas that are ... [+]

The Professional Master in Business Management was created in 2013 in order to promote education for professional advancement in the management area and in areas that are related to it, favoring the development of knowledge in theories and management practices.

Students are forums for discussion of ideas and building relationships to promote a stimulating environment for dissemination and exchange of knowledge between academia and organizations, to test theories, produce knowledge and develop tools that have at the same time, functional and practical use efficiency in specific managerial contexts.

The typical profile Master's student, is composed of executives with managerial level, with a minimum three years experience in management of organizations. Have on average 41 years old and 15 years of professional experience. The average class size is 30 students with only an annual entry.... [-]

Brazil São Paulo
February 2019
2 years

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