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Since its inception, the Carinthia University of Applied Science (CUAS) has developed into a unique educational institution in Carinthia. Due to the constant further development of the study programs of CUAS and intensive cooperation with industry and science, CUAS students are sure to have a future-oriented education.

CUAS lives the model of immediate practical relevance. Principal and part-time employees, as well as guest lecturers from industry, ensure interdisciplinary, internationally oriented university education. Currently, 36 degree programs are offered in the fields of technology, health, and social affairs, as well as economics.

7 Reasons to Study at CUAS

Face to face

We are known for our open and family atmosphere. At our university, great importance is attached to the personal coexistence of students, employees, and professors. Small working groups enable individual support.


We are a university with an international orientation. Carinthia University of Applied Sciences cooperates with more than 160 universities worldwide. Infinitely cosmopolitan, located at the intersection of three cultures in the Alps-Adriatic region, very close to Italy and Slovenia, it offers local and international students excellent conditions for multilingual studies.

Practical orientation

The combination of study and practice ensures the quality of teaching and research. This is provided by our many international guests and part-time teachers from industry and business. Cooperations with regional and foreign companies not only ensure a practice-oriented range of courses but also guarantee scientific know-how.

Future orientation and sustainability

Innovative courses of study at the cutting edge make Carinthia University of Applied Sciences a showcase for sustainable research and development. Promising topics in all areas of study play an important role.

Unique nature, culture, and way of life

Studying in Carinthia is fun! The university is immersed in idyllic mountains, valleys, and lakes. There is a vast selection of sports and leisure opportunities at any time of the year. The picturesque Carinthian landscape ensures a unique quality of life around your studies.

Creative, young, and dynamic atmosphere

In addition to their studies, young, dynamic networks provide perfect opportunities to gain a foothold in the start-up sector. Think-centers, incubators, attractive innovation workshops, and many events bring together students from CUAS and entrepreneurs from the region and enable them to get to know each other at an early stage for future joint projects.

The combination makes it

Where and above all, what you want to study wants to be well thought out. CUAS makes a choice very easy: Here, you will find the unique combination of a wide range of exciting and practice-oriented studies and a quality of life that is unparalleled.

In-service studies

In-service training is the key to personal career planning. As a student at CUAS, your curriculum is organized in such a way that you can reconcile your studies and jobs.

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Carinthia University of Applied Sciences is a dynamic and dialogue-oriented university for applied sciences with regional roots and international orientation. It works in the fields of health and social affairs, technology, and economics. Its core tasks are in the areas of study and teaching, applied for research, knowledge transfer, and further education.


"We want to position ourselves as a university in teaching and applied research in our core areas of technology, business, health, and social issues at the top of Austrian universities!"

Charter of Diversity

The Charter of Diversity is an initiative to promote appreciation of all members of society - regardless of gender, age, race and color, sexual orientation, religion and belief, and physical or mental disability. The Charter of Diversity is a public, voluntary commitment. It is based on the recognition that diversity is an essential feature of Europe - its history as well as its society. It sees and appreciates the benefits and opportunities that diversity offers.

University Administration

CUAS was founded in 1995 in the legal form of an association as a carrier of the University of Applied Sciences study programs in Carinthia. The seat of the association was in Spittal an der Drau. Since the beginning of 2002, the University of Carinthia - Charitable Private Foundation has been the sponsor and maintainer of the University of Applied Sciences degree programs.

The private foundation is financed by contributions from the federal government, the state of Carinthia, and the communities of Villach, Spittal / Drau, Klagenfurt, and Feldkirchen. Also, the membership fees of the association, which has become one of the 15 founders, as well as donations and proceeds from events, contribute to the financing of the operation of the organization.

The link between employee and employer

We are not only responsible for our actions, but also for what we do not do. (Moliere)

The works council is the link between the employees and the employer. The task is to act as a mediator, but also to act as a one-stop-shop. The current works council team harmonizes and complements itself well and is eager to implement the concerns for all colleagues positively.

An elected works council can - based on the solidarity within the workforce - actively and consistently address and represent the concerns of its colleagues. In addition to the "core business," the representation of the staff towards the employer CUAS, the works council, also takes care of the promotion of the economic, social, health, and cultural interests of the employees.


Feldkirchen in Kärnten

Hauptplatz 12

A-9560 Feldkirchen in Kärnten, Carinthia, Austria


Primoschgasse 8-10
Klagenfurt, Carinthia, Austria


Europastraße 4
Villach, Carinthia, Austria

Spittal an der Drau

Villacher Straße 1
Spittal an der Drau, Carinthia, Austria

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