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Chifley Business School is a boutique business school driven by industry experts with high-level training and professional experience, and ongoing industry engagement, which delivers uniquely positioned Postgraduate programs, alongside a suite of industry-focused courses tailored to the needs of organizations and the industries in which they operate. With students in over 50 countries across all seven continents, Chifley has over 13,000 graduates and is currently the largest MBA provider in the UAE. We routinely customize our own high-level MBA material to suit a corporate-course context; operating in a corporate-learning environment with the same capability and assuredness with which we run our precision-engineered MBA program. Chifley is an independent institution that responds rapidly to the evolving needs of our students and clients by incorporating critically relevant course material and maintaining a consistently high level of student attention. Chifley takes its name and aims from Australia's 16th Prime Minister, Joseph Benedict Chifley (1885–1951), a lifelong hard worker who rose from engine driver to the highest office in the land through his own strength of conviction and leadership ability. Chifley strives for the values embodied and personified by Ben Chifley, encapsulated in his famous address, 'The Light on the Hill', when he declared: 'We have a great objective – the light on the hill – which we aim to reach by working for the betterment of mankind not only here, but anywhere we may give a helping hand.' Chifley furthers the business qualifications and capabilities of a global network of students and clients working from West Africa to the Middle East, from Northern Europe to South Asia, and everywhere in between, in every conceivable industry.

Our Vision

Chifley Business School aims to be Australia’s business school for the industry by industry: connected, agile, innovative, customer-focused and commercial.

Our Mission

Chifley delivers relevant, accessible and high-quality management and business education to technical professionals and to corporate clients: we strive to deliver the capability for success.

Our Values

Integrity. Commitment to clients. Innovation. Respect. Excellence. Connectedness. These are the six core values that underpin our business and the way we work at Chifley. Integrity We are honest and open with our clients, partners, and colleagues. Commitment to clients We work in partnership with our clients to develop exceptional products and services. Innovation We are innovative, resourceful and always look for ways to improve our internal processes and our client offerings. Respect We encourage, respect and trust each other because we recognize that each individual contributes to our success. Excellence We strive for and reward excellence. Connectedness We are in touch with our clients, our stakeholders and our industries.

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