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Institutional The Representation in Argentina of Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna for all Latin America (1998), is inaugurated with the purpose of creating an environment for discussion of the political and economic integration processes between the European Union and Latin America.

In this sense, the opening of the Argentine Headquarters of the Alma Mater, in addition to an academic significance, has a vocation of cultural bond, by proposing itself as a catalyst for exchange activities among students, teachers, researchers, public officials and private entrepreneurs, as well as as a forum for discussions between the two regions that have traditional and strong ethnic-cultural ties

The initiative, backed by the thousand years of prestigious academic activity of the highest cultural and scientific level of the Alma Mater, continues in this way its cosmopolitan tradition spreading knowledge in a free exchange of thoughts and practices of knowledge.

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University of Bologna in Argentina

The master provides an academic and practical training aimed at understanding, managing, solving and anticipating problems and political-institutional, economic and strat ... [+]

Master with a focus on relations between Europe and Latin America with courses at the headquarters in Argentina and Italy. The course provides an academic and practical training aimed at understanding, managing, solving and anticipating the problems and political-institutional, economic and strategic changes of public bodies and private companies linked to international relations with a particular focus on Latin America and Europe. . Its objectives are:

To train graduates interested in integrating regional and international, state and private organizations that have as their object the relations of Europe and Latin AmericaTrain for the performance of applied research tasks in the areas encompassing EU-LA relations: institutions and integration processes, internationalization of SMEs, comparative public policies, and economic and commercial relations.Prepare experts for the identification and management of institutional, organizational and strategic problems in the public and private sectors related to the international relations of the EU and LA.... [-]
Argentina Buenos Aires
May 2019
1 year

Unibo Argentina, Un Puente Entre Dos Culturas.