Choosing a Masters degree can be a real challenge! You’re prepared to advance in your field, but you want a city where it’s easy to get by as a student. You’re ready to specialize, but you need a second degree that will make you highly employable on the job market.

Chicago is a friendly city that answers to that first desire. And as for a program that will result in high employability – you'll find there are some serious options to choose from in the ‘Windy City.'

Why study in Chicago?

Perched on the edge of Lake Michigan, Illinois, Chicago is an iconic American city – but without the high cost of living associated with NYC or San Francisco.  Apartment rental costs are half that of Washington DC, while utilities (electricity and water), car insurance, and dining out all come at reasonable prices.

And if you’re not planning to drive, you’ll still find getting from one place to another is affordable and convenient. The CTA (bus system), ‘The L’ (metro line) and ‘MetraRail’ (commuter railroad) make it simple to get from the suburbs to the city and back again.

You'll appreciate the transportation not just on school days, but on evenings and weekends when there's so much to see and do. There are beaches along the lake, while the city is throbbing with shows, concerts, and special events – in addition to its celebrated galleries and museums.

Three degrees that are waiting for you there

Lewis University is a dynamic, comprehensive, and diverse institution, offering its 6800 students graduate degree programs that prepare them for exciting careers that are in-demand all across the globe.

  • Computer Science

The MS Computer Science – Cyber Security offered at Lewis University combines math and engineering principles in the development of the next generation of problem solvers.

You’ll learn how computer systems work and process information, discover programming languages and their applications, and gain expert knowledge on data science, algorithms, artificial intelligence, and much more. The school’s network and security labs are an enviable environment in which to learn, test, and innovate.

There’s reckoned to be a 200,000-employee shortfall for cybersecurity-related jobs in the USA alone – and a predicted 1.8 million shortage worldwide by 2022. Businesses are finally waking up to cyber-security issues and looking to employ graduates with this kind of degree. Lewis’s reputation within the industry makes it the place to secure that qualification.

  • Data science

The MS in Data Science at Lewis is an opportunity to ‘learn how to design algorithms to uncover the secrets hiding in big data.' This is the daily work of our most prominent modern businesses: from Facebook to Google, Amazon to Netflix.

Data science jobs are up 650% since 2012, and a starting job in software engineering frequently leads to bigger and better roles such as machine learning engineering and big data development.

The small interactive classes at Lewis are ideal for fine-tuning your data science skills, while a blend of theory and practice gives a thorough understanding of how tomorrow’s tools work – and how to operate them.

  • Aviation and transportation

Chicagoland has a long history in aviation, as does Lewis University which has specialized in aviation since the early twentieth century.  The MS in Aviation and Transportation is a very appropriate choice for international students. There are great connections between the program and big international airports nearby, while job availability in the aviation industry is forecast to soar over the next two decades.

You can choose between online or face-to-face study, and will complete your degree in just two years even if you continue to work full-time as you do so.

Employment workshop for international students.

Land in Chicagoland this fall, and you’ll make it in time for Lewis’s special employment workshop for international students.

The workshop will take place during the Lewis University Career Fair, October 2018, and provide overseas students with information about CPT and OPT employment in the United States. Over 250 employers will be on campus as part of the fair, looking to hire graduates.

Chicago, then, is the place to be – with the programs you need to excel! Take a virtual tour of Lewis University or contact them to find out more.