Oct 23, 2018 at 12:00am ET By Alyssa Walker

Want to study in one of the world's biggest research hubs? Consider Denmark.

According to the recent tenth edition of the Research Barometer, a collection of indicators comparing Denmark to 35 other OECD countries, Denmark has maintained its world-class position in research and development. 

According to Denmark's National Research Foundation (DNRF), Denmark's strong commitment to research ranks among the best in the world. 

The country places third in the number of citations per publication and second in terms of its ten percent share of the most cited scientific publications in OECD countries. Switzerland took first place.

The report also explains that among OECD countries, Danish researchers are the best in publishing their results in collaboration with the business market. 

More highlights include the award of 2,279 PhDs in 2016, the fourth highest level in OECD countries; 14 researchers per 1,000 workers; the highest share of publications co-published with the business market; a focus on natural science and health; and 20,457 scientific articles per one million inhabitants.

DNRF's CEO Søren-Peter Olesen said, "This year's Research and Innovation Indicators show that Denmark is one of the leading research nations worldwide, and we at the Danish National Research Foundation are excited about the results. Denmark's position has been built over several years; however it is important to point out that society must continue to prioritize research, so that Denmark maintains its position as one of the leading societies when it comes to knowledge and as a country where research and business go hand in hand."

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Alyssa Walker is a freelance writer, educator, and nonprofit consultant. She lives in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with her family.

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