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73 MSc Programs in Economic Studies Statistics 2024



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MSc Programs in Economic Studies Statistics

A Master of Science degree is a postgraduate level of higher education in fields related to engineering, science, and medicine. Since it is awarded after the completion of a bachelor’s degree, it generally has a more narrow focus, making it a good choice for students who have a clear idea of what career path they want to follow, or for professionals who have already embarked on their chosen career.

An MSc in Statistics is a mathematics postgraduate degree with an emphasis on collecting and interpreting statistics. Social sciences, finance, and econometrics are all covered as potential areas for gathering statistical data. The degree requires a solid mathematical background, with equal attention given to practical math like algebra, and more advanced subjects like multivariable calculus. The program also covers the design side of statistics including subjects like survey sampling and experiment implementation.

Degree holders with an MSc in Statistics have a variety of job options available to them. Especially in the public sector, there is a lack of qualified statisticians, so finding rewarding work that allows a choice of projects is generally possible.

The cost of an MSc in Statistics varies depending on the institution offering the degree. The average degree takes two years to obtain, so potential students should calculate tuition costs accordingly.

Graduates with an MSc in Statistics may choose to pursue the social sciences side of statistics. In this field they might work for a consulting company, analyzing people’s preferences and tendencies. They may otherwise choose to work in finance. A growing field that needs well-qualified statisticians is data metrics. This is a form of marketing that involves tracking customer actions on a company’s website.

Applying for an MSc in Statistics online is a great way to earn your degree at your own pace within the confines of your busy schedule. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.