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    11 MSc Programs in Maritime Management 2024

      MSc Programs in Maritime Management


      Master’s degree programs usually follow completion of a bachelor’s program. Students generally get to study a subject in-depth with this level of program, which often takes about two years.

      What is an MSc in Maritime Management? Maritime management programs focus on teaching students the skills they need to work in high-level positions in the maritime industry. Programs usually cover topics such as safety management, risk assessment, project management, and environmental protection. Scholars may also take courses in communication and leadership to help them develop business skills needed for management-level careers. Maritime law, operations, technology and environmental issues may also be covered in a program. Most programs require a research project that allows students to put their studies to practical use.

      Enrolling in a maritime management program can help students develop business skills to advance within the maritime industry. Program participants may be able to develop the knowledge needed to run a maritime business.

      Costs of a program can vary greatly. Each program may be constructed differently at each school, so the best source for an accurate cost estimate is your chosen school.

      Upon completion of a program, graduates can advance in careers in marine and offshore industries. Programs generally expect students to have some work experience in the field, so they are usually designed to advance those skills, which allows scholars to become managers and other leaders in the industry. While most will obtain a degree simply to advance their career, others may wish to further their studies in a Ph.D. program or enter into research of maritime issues, such as environmental problems or impacts.

      If you want a maritime career and seek a management level positions, then an MSc in Maritime Management may be for you. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.