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7 MSc Programs in General Studies Interdisciplinary Studies 2024



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    MSc Programs in General Studies Interdisciplinary Studies

    Students with a bachelor’s degree who are interested in advance studies in a science-related field can work toward a Master of Science (MSc). A master’s degree is awarded to those who have demonstrated command of a particular subject; sometimes, defending a master’s thesis is required.

    What is an MSc in Interdisciplinary Studies? This program typically allows a high level of flexibility as students pursue a topic of interest by employing two or more disciplines to achieve an integrated result. This program typically leaves room for a higher degree of independence than many other programs, and is often self-directed by the student, with faculty providing input and guidance. Completion of coursework is usually required; however, much of the program might consist of independent study projects.

    Postgraduate work in interdisciplinary studies often cultivates a high level of independence in academia as well as in life. Leadership skills are often highly advanced, and graduates commonly have solid research abilities, skills that can lead to promotions in the workplace.

    For financial information, scholars should contact each university individually for the most accurate quotes. Each program uses significantly different resources depending on fieldwork, technical equipment, lab work and other variables.

    Career options in this field are wide, and often the graduate might be interested in pursuing his or her unique course in business, academia, finance or entrepreneurial endeavors. If one of the fields of study results in mastery of a technical skill, the learner can pursue a career in that sector. Due to the high level of self-discipline required of this degree, graduates might be hired as researchers, journalists, freelance writers, professors and business managers.

    An MSc in Interdisciplinary Studies lends itself well to online and low-residency programs. Many universities offer this approach, as well as a more traditional program. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.