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MSc Programs in Art Studies Fine Arts Fine Arts Studies

After finishing undergraduate study, earning a Master of Science (MSc) can be a great way to advance your education even further. While a lower level degree is usually a prerequisite, the benefits of a graduate degree to your career are widespread.

What is an MSc in Fine Arts Studies? Fine arts is actually a parent category for many different disciplines. The primary areas in which students study when working toward their master’s degree are creative writing, photography, filmmaking, visual arts, and performing arts. Some of these focuses can be broken down further depending on how you plan to put your degree to use upon graduation. Studies are split between the practice of each art form and the art theories.

The benefit of earning a Master in Fine Arts Studies is a professional mastery of your field. Because you will have already earned an undergraduate degree, you will likely already have extensive knowledge of the art form you wish to study. The masters program will focus this passion into career applications by incorporating industry knowledge.

Because the field of fine arts is so diverse, the costs associated with it also vary greatly. In addition to the focus, the school and country of study and program length will play a big role in determining what your tuition is.

The career choices in the field of fine arts are also as diverse as the program itself. Most careers are divided into the categories of instruction, freelance, and private work. Instruction includes work as college professors or as museum curators. In addition to freelance work, it is possible to become an in-house artist. Lastly, you can choose to set up a private studio, which is especially viable in photography and the visual arts.

If you are interested in the arts, you should start working toward your master’s degree by researching schools and programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.