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11 MSc Programs in Education Educational Psychology 2024



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MSc Programs in Education Educational Psychology

A Master of Science degree is a type of advanced degree for students in the fields of science or mathematics. Some students choose to pursue a master’s degree after earning an undergraduate degree to secure higher-paying jobs or to prepare for a doctoral program.

What is an MSc in Educational Psychology? Educational psychology is a field of study related to the psychology of children, particularly in regard to education, learning and cognitive development. This type of degree program explores educational theories and evaluates key research studies to promote successful learning among children. Some courses that may be found in a program like this include test preparation, factor analysis, item response theory, cognitive development, aptitude assessment and more.

Earning an MSc in Educational Psychology has a multitude of benefits that can be helpful in a student’s professional and personal life. Educational psychology students tend to pay fine attention to detail and have strong communication skills. They can also become effective evaluators with advanced research experience.

To determine the cost of earning a master’s degree, prospective students are encouraged to contact schools for specific tuition information. The cost of a degree can vary from one institution to another.

With an MSc in Educational Psychology, students may pursue a variety of unique, higher-paying jobs than people without one. Many graduates go on to work for schools as program evaluators, educational assessment coordinators or educational psychologists to help schools improve performance. Other careers include working as human resource education specialists or as research analysts for medical agencies or hospitals. Earning a master’s degree in this field can also help students prepare for doctoral work.

Universities around the world offer a multitude of Master of Science programs. Some students can even find programs that offer online courses. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.