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18 MSc Programs in Economic Studies Economics Economic Development 2024



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MSc Programs in Economic Studies Economics Economic Development

A Master of Science is a degree program for students who wish to expand their educational knowledge beyond a bachelor’s degree in a science-related field. Successfully completing a master’s program can help students expand their career options.

What is an MSc in Economic Development? The study of economic development explores the management and facilitation of economic growth of regions or populations. At the master’s degree level, students study more concentrated aspects of this field, like advanced economic theory and development economics. These types of course help students gain extensive knowledge in how to improve economic growth, sustainability, job creation, standards of living and more. Some programs offer courses that specialize in business expansion and entrepreneurship. Other courses may cover topics such as agriculture, macroeconomic management, globalization and political institutions.

Studying economic development often helps students become more effective communicators. Students also tend to show strong leadership and negotiation skills and use more effective organization strategies. These traits can be especially useful in both professional and personal life.

The cost of a graduate degree often depends on the length of the program and the type and location of the institution offering it. Students are encouraged to research potential schools to find the one best for them.

By earning an advanced degree in economic development, students open themselves up to more varied and potentially lucrative careers. Students often find work as an urban or regional planner in governments, engineering businesses, architectural companies and more. Another common career option is working as a project coordinator or director. In some cases, students could pursue a position in a related field such as civil engineering, construction management or architecture.

Graduate programs are offered at universities internationally, and many provide part-time or online options.  Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.