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11 MSc Programs in Construction Building Services 2024



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MSc Programs in Construction Building Services

As the logical next step for graduates with a Bachelor of Science, a Master of Science (MSc) degree usually requires an additional two years to obtain. This degree proves that the graduate has what it takes to excel in their chosen field, which can mean great things for career advancement.

What is an MSc in Building Services? This degree program hones in on the nitty-gritty of services that impact all aspects of a building’s design. From energy efficiency to the smallest technological details that keep a building running, an individual with a master’s degree in building services will work closely with building architects and planners to help ensure their vision meets high standards of functionality. Students can expect to learn about heating systems, electrical services, fire control, drainage and other essential components of a contemporary structure.

Graduates with a Master of Science in Building Services can expect to become crucial advisors to designers and architects on the services that impact a wide variety of buildings and structures. As such, the job opportunities for degree-holders are commonly limitless both internationally and domestically.

Earning a master’s degree can vary in cost depending on the type of program, the school offering the program, and the length of time it takes to earn a degree. Prospective students are encouraged to research the schools they are interested in and contact admissions departments with questions about program costs.

Graduates with an MSc in Building Services are usually in extremely high demand wherever the construction of new buildings occur in cities and communities worldwide. Graduates commonly have minimal issues starting a career in construction management, project management, building design and more. Those with an advanced degree might also discover their earning potential increases.

In addition to traditional options, students can also take advantage of online classes that are both convenient and comparable to courses found at brick and mortar institutions. To get started with a course, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.