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20 MSc Programs in Technology Studies Automation Automation / Autonomous Systems 2024



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MSc Programs in Technology Studies Automation Automation / Autonomous Systems

Robots are set to dominate the future of manufacturing. As new production techniques and requirements are developed, those with a Master of Science (MSc) in Automation / Autonomous Systems are needed to oversee the growing labor force of intelligent equipment.

What is an MSc in Automation / Autonomous Systems? It is an advanced degree that requires an additional two years of study at the graduate level. It is suitable for those with an engineering background and focuses on combining the technical aspects of production with the needs of businesses in a manufacturing industry. Students learn how autonomous machines are designed and used to reduce costs and enhance the quality of products created. The technical aspects of these programs focus on the capabilities and limitations of machines that can that function independently. Topics of study include robotics hardware, software and artificial intelligence. Students also study the business environment of the manufacturing industry.

Graduates have advanced technical skills and business knowledge that are applicable in the highly specialized field of automation. They are able to work with automated machinery to create parameters that allow these tools to function independently. They are able to analyze processes and implement cost savings measures that increase the profitability of their organizations.

The cost of these programs varies by institution. Those interested are encouraged to contact the admissions departments of universities under consideration for more details concerning fees and tuition. Prospective students should also budget for materials and living expenses during the two years of study.

After finishing one of these programs, graduates are ready to step into leadership roles within the manufacturing sector. Some find work in plants where existing robotics operations need skilled oversight. Others work in industries where the concept of automation is still new. Graduates help to develop new means of production that incorporate these complicated tools. Acquired leadership skills help to propel these graduates to the top of their management structures, and some may eventually obtain senior level positions.

With the number of educational options available, prospective students should gather as much information as possible before making a decision. Quality coursework is available online that meets the needs of those with geographic and scheduling challenges. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.