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3 MSc Programs in Humanities Studies Linguistics Applied Linguistics 2024



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MSc Programs in Humanities Studies Linguistics Applied Linguistics

A Master of Science is an advanced degree that builds on the fundamentals that students learn at the undergraduate level. The degree coursework typically focuses on a math, engineering or science discipline. Students often may earn this degree in one to three years, depending on their pace and the program structure.

What is an MSc in Applied Linguistics? Linguistics is the study of languages, and applied linguistics focuses on solving real-life, language-related problems. Degree candidates study many of the same concepts as students pursuing general degrees in this field, including semantics, pragmatics, syntax, phonetics and morphology. However, students also have the opportunity to learn how to apply their acquired skills to practical pursuits, such as teaching native or foreign languages to others.

Obtaining an MSc in Applied Linguistics can give students a stronger understanding of many modern language-related issues, from cross-cultural communication barriers to governmental language policies. The degree coursework can also equip students with the ability to communicate more effectively both in their native tongues and other languages.

The cost of earning a Master of Science in Applied Linguistics depends largely on the institution. Other factors, such as geography and course structure, may also influence the final price. To get an accurate idea of what a degree program will cost, students should always consult the institution offering the degree.

After earning an MSc in Applied Linguistics, graduates may pursue jobs in research, teaching or policy. Degree holders may teach English or foreign languages to young students or adult professionals. Graduates who are willing to work abroad may help governments develop language policies or assist speakers of rare dialects in recording their languages. Graduates may also become researchers and study diverse topics, from speech-language disorders to challenges in cross-cultural communication.

A number of institutions now allow students to earn an MSc in Applied Linguistics entirely online. This can allow students to attend their preferred schools without concerns about location or scheduling. Students can learn more about the available options in a few simple steps. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.