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15 MSc Programs in Economic Studies Finance Applied Finance 2024



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MSc Programs in Economic Studies Finance Applied Finance

Whether you have hit a wall and are looking for ways to break the ceiling on your current position, or are fresh out of undergraduate school, a master’s degree is a viable vehicle to move you forward. An MSc, or Master of Science, provides a focus in science and technology, which is very important in today’s market.

What is an MSc in Applied Finance? It is a degree program that prepares individuals to either enter or advance within the financial realm of any business. Students learn key economical, statistical and analytical concepts and practices, along with essential financial management models and applications. By completing this program, graduates are able to employ successful financial models and ideas to help stabilize and advance any company’s financial standing.

One of the greatest benefits of this degree is that it is very versatile. Even those individuals without a background in finance can secure and utilize this degree to enter into the financial realm.

The cost of an MSc in Applied Finance varies from school to school. The average cost of attending an institution, the location of the school and whether you study in person or online are all factors that weigh into the price.

This degree is unique in that it is built to be applied by individuals from a number of different backgrounds, including lawyers, engineers, scientists and IT specialists, amongst others. As such, the degree can be utilized in virtually any industry, making the job opportunities endless. Individuals may employ the degree in their current position, or use it to advance within the company. Others may choose to make a career change, or to couple the degree with their career experience to create a unique service offering to clients or businesses.

An MSc in Applied Finance is a viable degree choice for many individuals who have obtained their bachelor’s degree. To see what option is best for you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.