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11 MSc Programs in Life Sciences Agricultural Science Agricultural Engineering 2024



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MSc Programs in Life Sciences Agricultural Science Agricultural Engineering

In most countries a Master of Science, or MSc, is an advanced, two-year degree. It can provide further instruction than what is achieved at the Bachelor of Science level and may allow the student to advance in his or her career field.

What is an MSc in Agricultural Engineering? This degree offers coursework that focuses on the design, planning, supervising and general management of all kinds of systems connected to agriculture. In a typical program, you may expect to study things like agricultural product processing, flood water control systems and environmental impact assessments.

Students may benefit by expanding their ability to manage a variety of systems related to agriculture, to run and maintain processing plants and to engineer multiple aspects related to agriculture. All the skills gleaned from an MSc in Agricultural Engineering can lead to a variety of career opportunities.

While costs for any degree can vary from program to program, factors such as school location and whether the coursework is online can have a large impact on fees. It’s best to carefully research the cost of any Master of Science in Agricultural Engineering degree before committing.

People who obtain an MSc in Agricultural Engineering may have a variety of career options. While some may be employed as engineers by private engineering firms, others may choose to work as individual consultants. A MSc in Agricultural Engineering may also lead to work for the government. Some agricultural engineers work as researchers or managers in applied science, production and sales. Others work controlling specific aspects of agricultural production such as overseeing irrigation or dairy effluent schemes.

Whether you select a traditional brick and mortar institution or an online program, there are many options available for pursuing a MSc in Agricultural Engineering. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.