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MSc Programs in Engineering Studies Mechanical Engineering Aerospace Engineering

A Master of Science program could be the next step for many individuals. This type of program allows students who have background knowledge, either through a bachelor’s degree or sufficient work experience, to build upon their knowledge in more specialized ways. Those who have a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or a related field may benefit from completing a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering program.

What is an MSc in Aerospace Engineering? Individuals who pursue this degree will often choose a specialty in aerodynamics and fluid dynamics, combustion and propulsion, or aerospace structures and materials. Common coursework includes an in-depth study of propulsion, mechatronics, robotics, flight mechanics and control, computational methods, lasers, and hurricane and wind damage, among others. Programs usually take between two and four years to complete.

Successful students will come through an advanced aerospace engineering program with increased problem-solving skills and an ability to engage in rigorous scientific research. These programs will also prepare many students for the challenges required in pursuing a PhD.

The cost of a Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering varies from institution to institution and around the world. Additional fees and administrative costs can often be included in tuition, so students are encouraged to learn the total cost of attendance before they enroll in a program.

Careers in aerospace engineering are numerous and graduates can expect to easily find work in a subset of the industry that they prefer. Opportunities include defense, design and development, marketing, field service, software development, and research and development. Desirable opportunities within both the government and private sectors are abundant for the highly qualified individuals coming through these programs.

With advances in technology, many degree programs have begun to include online coursework and some programs are fully available online from anywhere around the world. Interested students may benefit from reviewing our program list and submitting a lead form. Simply search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.