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128 Master Programs in Sustainability Studies Sustainable Economic Studies Sustainable Development 2024



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Master Programs in Sustainability Studies Sustainable Economic Studies Sustainable Development

A masters degree in sustainable development is a postgraduate study program where sustainability issues are approached from an interdisciplinary standpoint. The program prepares students to apply skills of sustainable development and respond to the needs and possibilities of societal transformation. The global community faces a variety of deep economic, social and environmental challenges that are escalating because of climatic changes and globalization. Responses to those challenges are frequently framed within the broader aspect of sustainable development.

This masters program focuses on the worldwide development and environmental challenges that have been recognized in international agreements. In addition, it explores ways of finding solutions to those challenges by promoting sustainable development. The aims of the program are to enhance awareness for informed decision and policy-making on sustainable development issues; to provide practical research experience and opportunities for reflection in order to promote sustainable development; and to develop critical, analytical, and integrative skills for resolving environmental and sustainable development challenges.

A master in Sustainable development can find career opportunities in Government ministries and other public sector organizations concerned with policy analysis in the fields of sustainable development and environmental planning; and International and non-governmental organizations concerned with the sustainable dimensions of economic change. You can also work in public and private sector companies conducting analyses of the interface between environment and poverty; and applied research and teaching in institutions of research and higher education.