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Master Programs in Social Sciences Sociology

There are two sciences that research mainly the interior and exterior of humankind’s behavior, stemming from the functioning of its mind. The science to take over the inner processes is Psychology, while the external manifestations of the human mind – the thing that we usually refer to as society - are studied by Sociology. Master in Sociology programs provide a deep and foundational understanding of social behavior and require independent, critical thinking, and analytical skills.

This study began with pursuing the truth of human social activity, social stratification and mobility, religion, as well as the individual behavior of a person within the social structure. However, after the core matters have been studied rather thoroughly, Sociology has moved on to new fields that could use its knowledge and methods. Students pursuing a Master in Sociology can easily find an exciting research subject connected to health, the Internet, culture, military, media, education, family as well as environment, religion or criminality. A Master in Sociology gives room for both astute students who like to dig deep into theory, and for those students who rather seek a practical application of their knowledge. There are plenty of career opportunities with a Master in Sociology in both the private and public sectors, in a variety of organizations or businesses.

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