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Master Programs in Social Sciences Social Work

Social workers are responsible for a wide range of essential responsibilities within their communities, managing the mental and emotional health of the people. Graduates from a Master's of Social Work program are qualified to practice counseling, run client systems, provide leadership in a community, work within the welfare system or disseminate knowledge about mental and emotional health, among other things. Most Master in Social Work students choose to specialize in a certain area of Social Work, such as Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Child Welfare, Adoption, Poverty, Social Change, Human Rights, Community Development, Sexual Abuse or International Development. Some of these areas may have clinical and non-clinical applications.

A full-time Master's in Social Work degree takes approximately two years to complete, though some of the featured institutions listed below offer one-year accelerated or part-time study modes. Schools in Macau, Australia, the UK, Israel, Austria, Lithuania, Singapore, the USA, and Germany offer highly accredited programs, focusing on specific areas of the Social Work discipline.

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