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74 Master Programs in Design Studies Product Design 2024



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    Master Programs in Design Studies Product Design

    A masters degree in product design is a post graduate degree program that seeks to impart skills that should enable graduates of the program to create new products; products that are market oriented. Product design focuses on the creation of products with an intention to sell. The masters program ensures that graduates of the program have the ability to generate ideas, evaluate them and then turn them into a new product. There are several steps that are involved in the production of a product such as manufacturing of a product economically but ensuring the product’s usability, functionality and appearance remain intact.

    A master in product design is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the product looks great, that it meets the needs of the market and that it has the potential to compete favorably with other products in the same niche. While undertaking the masters program, the students are instilled with skills to analyze the needs of the customer, how to research consumer trends, prediction of possible scenarios and how to meet the different consumer requirements. There are environmental and legal requirements that products need to meet which are also considered by the product designer.

    The masters degree in product design is an exciting program. Product looks, customer preferences and new technologies of making products are continuously invented. Therefore, students need to be conversant with the most recent technologies. The program covers development of the product from the beginning to the time the product is launched. With the ever present demand for products and new products, the career opportunities for graduates of this program are numerous.