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50 Master Programs in Art Studies Photography 2024



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Master Programs in Art Studies Photography

Photography is a fascinating form of art that emerged from a fruitful union of science and ancient traditions of visual arts. The act of photography creates still pictures that capture reality as seen through the lens of the camera. A Master in Photography explores the art in it’s many functions and forms, from fine art photography with purely aesthetic functions to catch the beauty of nature or creation unguarded and in full ripe, to merely pragmatic forms of forensic or science photography that aim to capture the facts and reality not tempered with. Whatever your photographic focus may be, a Master n Photography can be an excellent choice for you.

There are many different photography processes: black-and-white, color, infrared and ultraviolet, and digital photography. Each of them marks a different scientific age that comes up with inventions, relevant for art, and a Master in Photography can help you explore each one. Photography also plays its role in capturing historical and social contexts, since the photographers, as objective as they may seem, decide from what angle to take the photo and what element to include into the frame, thus influencing an allegedly objective picture.

Are you fascinated by the field of photography and art, interested in creating aesthetic objects or practical evidence? Once you positively answer this question, don’t hesitate to check out the possible Master in Photography programs below. Take the next step toward your Master in Photography, today!