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49 Master Programs in Natural Sciences Biology Marine Biology 2024



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Master Programs in Natural Sciences Biology Marine Biology

A masters degree in marine biology aims to promote advanced training in multidisciplinary Marine Biology. It provides students with the necessary skills to analyze and understand the marine ecosystems. This starts from studying marine genes to the distinct communities in marine ecosystems. The study involves the understanding of functions of marine life and diversity, and application to exploitation, marine conservation and biotechnology.

The masters program in marine biology includes a strong laboratory and fieldwork research in different marine ecosystems with typical attributes, and several biological productivities that range from oligotrophic to eutrophic. International professors and Marine Scientists are involved in teaching this broad area. They help one develop skills in marine biology and improve ones capability in working in the international context.

The program combines corresponding academic strengths and resources in marine science, which allow for the integration of key areas of expertise. In addition, students get an opportunity to engage in scientific projects in research centers linked to the university of study. This helps them develop their masters’ thesis in marine ecosystems. These ecosystems include: estuarine, neuritic, and open areas of ocean subjected to different climatic conditions and anthropogenic pressures. Some of the career opportunities related to this masters program in marine biology include: Marine Engineering andResearch and Development in marine science.