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6 Master Programs in Design Studies Lighting Design 2024



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    Master Programs in Design Studies Lighting Design

    A masters degree in lighting design is a premier university program in the field of lighting. The program offers a comprehensive course for the students enrolling for the program as it gives the students hands on experience while ensuring that they are updated as far as recent technology is concerned. The program usually takes two years with a project thesis being the highlight of the two year program. The curriculum of the program keeps on being revised because of the ever changing technology and advancements in lighting globally.

    Students taking up a masters degree in lighting design are expected to learn the following elements of design: visual research, visual communication through digital and conventional media, script analysis, graphic notation, problem solving, successful design execution, and director collaboration. Classes in advanced technologies in lighting are provided to students to enable them to remain competent and relevant in the real world and solve problems in the ever changing world.

    A masters degree in lighting requires the students to take courses in design graphics, history of design, advancements in technology, elements in lighting design and CAD. All these courses are aimed at strengthening the student’s design skills and also in helping them in developing solid design portfolios. A graduate of this masters program can work in a variety of fields. The interaction between architecture and lighting and how they complement each other is an important skill gained by students of this masters program.