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56 Master Programs in Architecture Studies Landscape Architecture 2024



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    Master Programs in Architecture Studies Landscape Architecture

    A Master in Landscape Architecture program is a multidisciplinary art and science applying the principles and techniques of architecture, urban design, urban planning, agriculture, soil science and even psychology, among other fields, in order to design outdoor spaces and structures for certain purposes. More than ever, landscape architects are finding themselves in great demand as cities begin to realize the need and value of parks and other public spaces for the creation of harmonious communities.

    No city can be truly modern or functional without maintaining the fragile balance between greenery and concrete. As several metropolises around the world have repeatedly come to realize, urban sprawl is toxic to its population in large quantities. Parks, trees and shrubs provide a positive therapeutic and psychological effect to citizens. Even the private sector realizes this. Majority of businesses hire landscape architects to design and manage the maintenance of the frontages of hotels and restaurants, resorts and golf parks. Likewise, private residences would often employ the services of landscape architects for their yards. And so the demand for professionals holding a Master in Landscape Architecture is continuously growing as they find use in both public and private sectors.

    A Master in Landscape Architecture grants the individual an even greater sense of understanding of key concepts in botany, fine arts, geography and ecology. He must be able to conceive feasible plans that offer tangible solutions to communities and private enterprises. The most famous contributions of landscape architects to the world include the Central Park in New York City and the pavilion of the Taj Mahal in India.