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289 Master Programs in Japan for 2024



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  • Business Studies (14)
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  • Design Studies (8)
  • Economic Studies (20)
  • Education (18)
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Master Programs in Japan

Japan is a country with rich history and unique educational traditions, making Master in Japan programs a unique opportunity for high quality education combined with culture and history. Japan has so much to offer international students and there will never be a dull day for those seeking a Master in Japan. Student can enjoy the cosmopolitan cities, charming towns, lovely cultural and religious sites, museums, and so much more.

There are many different Master in Japan programs available at universities all around Japan. It is possible to find large international research and educational centers in several cities throughout the country, offering students more possibilities. Some of the Master in Japan programs are in the fields of business, international development, economics, peace studies, and finance, to name a few.

There are many different Master in Japan programs and possibilities to choose from at the university that suits you best. Look through the various program descriptions below, click on the ones that interest you most and make the first step towards your future Master in Japan degree today!