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71 Master Programs in Economic Studies Economics International Economics 2024



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Master Programs in Economic Studies Economics International Economics

With the advances in information and transportation technologies over the last several decades, goods and services are traveling across borders faster and more efficiently than ever before. It has become increasingly difficult to anticipate the changes to markets caused by this activity. That is why the highly developed analytical skills of those with a Master in International Economics are needed in government and industry.

What is a Master in International Economics? It is an advanced degree that enhances the understanding of economic activity specifically related to international trade. It further develops the theoretical understanding of micro and macroeconomics to find solutions to problems associated with the movement of goods across geographic and political borders. Topics of study include trade policy, taxation and currency exchange rates. Some programs also provide coursework related to economic development and the impact trade has on emerging economies.

Graduates are equipped with the analytical skills and abilities to evaluate market conditions and make policy recommendations. These students have more than just advanced critical thinking abilities. They are also armed with the theoretical and historic knowledge of international trade issues. They are able to provide comprehensive analysis of problems. Students learn to use software tools to gather and evaluate sets of data. Many programs also improve communication skills through advanced writing and presentation projects.

The cost of a Master in International Economics varies. Students should contact the admission department of their chosen institution for detailed information regarding fees and tuition.

Graduates often find employment in government or commercial sectors. Research positions and analyst jobs are common. International companies value the skills and abilities of these graduates, and it is possible to find work abroad. Governments need these students to evaluate the effects of tariffs, quotas and trade agreements. Many of these programs prepare students to seek higher levels of education, and some may eventually find work as professors in college universities.

It is important to start researching options as soon as possible. While many may prefer to attend a traditional style university, online coursework is also available for those with scheduling or geographic difficulties. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.