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Master Programs in Technology Studies Technology Innovation Innovation Management

A Master of Arts is a post- graduate degree. It’s awarded to students who study a specialized field over the course of one to two years. The degree program equips students for career advancement. It also provides the academic groundwork for pursuing a doctorate degree.

What is an MA in Innovation Management? The innovation management field of study encourages creative ways of thinking. Participants can develop the know-how for helping the private and public sectors take advantage of emerging opportunities in the marketplace. Students may learn how to identify and develop cutting-edge ideas, products, services and processes. They can learn how to manage an idea from concept to implementation. These programs generally bring together individuals from a wide range of disciplines, such as journalism, law, fashion and marketing. Depending on the program, students may oversee a research project or participate in an externship with a company or public agency.

Students pursuing a master’s degree in innovation management can develop valuable skills including risk management, creative thinking and problem-solving. These qualities are not only helpful in everyday life but also highly valued by prospective employers.

Program length and school location impact the cost of education. It’s best to contact the institutions to learn more about fees and expenses.

Innovation management is an emerging field with a growing demand. Many businesses, organizations and corporations are seeking talented individuals who can help them gain a competitive edge. With changes in the economy and technology advancements, individuals with a master’s degree in this field may find ample employment opportunities. Graduates are well-suited for managerial and leadership roles. A few career paths include innovation research, brand management, and research and development. A graduate may become a technology portfolio manager, R & D manager or idea management specialist.

An internet-based curriculum is ideal if you need a flexible schedule and easy access to higher education. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.