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86 Master Programs in Greece for 2024



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Master Programs in Greece

If you wish to combine your educational experience with new landscapes and centuries of culture, then you should definitely consider a Master in Greece. Greece is a country with one of the longest histories in the world. This history is highly diverse and well documented, making Greece home to most of the sciences.

The modern Greek education system is a fine example of how education can be organized on its own. Higher education in Greece is mainly divided into two parts: universities and technological educational institutes (TEI). This second option is something that makes education in Greece different from other EU countries because these are self-governing bodies with much freedom for action. Additionally, TEIs have strong links with industry; they collaborate with other institutions internationally and participate in research and international technological projects. These aspects of the Greek educational system are beneficial for students seeking a Master in Greece.

Some of the highly sought after Master in Greece programs are in language studies and humanities, but on the other hand, business, innovation and technology are also flourishing in Greece. There are many great opportunities for students who want to study internationally with a Master in Greece.

So if you are looking for graduate education possibilities in Greece, read about the many choices that Greek universities have to offer by scrolling down and clicking on the particular Master in Greece programs that catch your interest!