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66 Master Programs in Performing Arts Film Studies Film Production 2024



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Master Programs in Performing Arts Film Studies Film Production

A master's degree is a graduate school degree often undertaken soon after undergraduate education. This degree demonstrates a mastery of a specific subject and generally translates into a career in a related field.

What is a Master in Production? This particular master's degree is focused on film and television production, and generally takes two to three years to complete. The curriculum will vary from program to program, though most schools require core classes that foster creativity and technical learning, such as cinematography, directing and producing. Other courses can include film theory, media studies and screenwriting. As a result, graduates of these programs are often well versed in the many skills necessary to produce films and television.

Perhaps the most notable benefit of this degree is the high level of hands-on learning and experience the curriculum affords students. This path of study prepares graduates for the fast-paced, exciting world of media, film and television. Many programs emphasize the importance of practical, experienced-based learning by requiring students to participate in internships and group projects. In this way, students pursuing the degree are able to locate their specific career interests and begin amassing valuable work experience.

The cost of attaining a Master in Production will vary. Some programs are more expensive than others, depending on their location and size. For more specific information regarding admission and registration costs, contact individual schools directly.

A master's degree in production can serve to prepare you for any number of careers, most obviously in the film and television industry. Certain programs may have a particular trajectory in mind for students, but graduates are generally well prepared for a wide range of professions, including careers as film and television producers, collaborators for media production, and film and television company executives. Some graduates have gone on to blaze their own path by putting their creativity to use and forming independent projects.

If you are interested in seeking out schools offering Master in Production programs, our database can be an invaluable resource. Our listing of programs worldwide can assist you in locating and applying to the school that best matches your goals. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.