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34 Master Programs in Economic Policy 2024



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Master Programs in Economic Policy

The largest actors in an economy make the biggest impact on overall market conditions. Governments, banks and private corporations need to create strategies that allocate limited resources in the most efficient way possible. Those with a Master in Economic Policy have the skills these organizations depend on to analyze information and create effective programs.

What is a Master in Economic Policy? This is an advanced degree that enhances the education of students beyond the graduate level. It focuses on the major theories of economics as they relate to policy decisions. Students explore topics important to both micro and macroeconomic perspectives. Areas of focus include tax policy, trade agreements and public programs. Graduates are able to identify inefficiencies and make suggestions to streamline the function of large scale organizations.

A graduate will have developed advanced critical thinking and communication skills. In addition to being able to analyze the potential results of policy changes, these students are taught to create detailed reports and presentations that synthesize complex ideas into an easily comprehensible format. These programs also give students the opportunity to begin working with the latest software tools for data collection and analysis.

The cost for a Master in Economic Policy will depend on the institution the student chooses to attend. It is recommended that students contact the admissions departments of schools being considered for more detailed information regarding fees and tuition.

Graduates are employable in many fields. After completing their program, many are able to advance in their existing careers. Governments, banks and private corporations all require the services of these graduates. They find work as analysts and consultants. Some are successful in managerial roles for public programs. Others choose to continue their studies and complete a doctoral program. These students are qualified for careers in academics.

It is important to consider as many options as possible before deciding on a program. For international students and working professionals, online coursework provides quality educational opportunities that fit within geographical and scheduling limitations. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.