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36 Master Programs in Design Studies in Sweden for 2024



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Master Programs in Design Studies

Master of Design degree holders are in high demand around the world as new products and services are constantly being developed, while existing ones need to be improved. Universities in Sweden offer Master of Design programs to students in a wide range of specializations, including Industrial Design, Interaction Design, Transportation Design, Product Design, Textile Design, Packaging Design, Business Design, Child Culture Design and more. For recent Bachelor's graduates, or those who have been working in the field for longer and desire additional qualifications, a Master of Design in Sweden is a valuable investment in one's future career.

Master of Design students enroll in classes in Sweden that go deeper into the basic concepts, principles, materials and practices of design. Prior to graduation from university in Sweden, Master of Design students must submit a master's thesis project, which demonstrates their understanding and mastery of one intrinsic area of design, pertinent to their field of study.

For more details about any particular Master of Design program of interest, it is a good idea to contact the school in Sweden offering the program using the handy web form linked to below. If you are ready to find out how to build the necessary qualifications for your dream career in design, then read more about Master of Design programs in Sweden, now!