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12 Master Programs in Design Studies in Finland for 2024



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Master Programs in Design Studies

Designers develop the vision and concept for every object or system we see in the world. Industrial Designers develop and improve all kinds of utilitarian products, Fashion Designers create new styles, Graphic Designers think creatively to plan the look of two dimensional images used for publishing, advertising, entertainment, media and the web. For graduates from related Bachelor's degree programs, Master of Design degree programs are a valuable investment into a career in any sector of design in Finland or abroad.

Universities and academic institutions in Finland offer Master of Design programs on a full time or part time basis, and some students can even elect to study online. Master of Design programs in Finland are recognized the world over for being cutting edge and academically rigorous. Students normally present a master's thesis or dissertation nearing the end of their term studying for their Master of Design degree in Finland. In addition to the thesis, a number of lectures, seminars, courses, projects and assessments help develop students in Finlands' mastery of the essential skills used in design.

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