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5 Master Programs in Design Studies in Belgium for 2024



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Master Programs in Design Studies

Designers are the creative thinkers behind the form and function of almost every product or service we come into contact with day to day. Universities and academic institutions in Belgium offer Master in Design programs for specializations ranging from industrial design to interior design, and from product design to fashion design and more. Master of Design graduates are equipped with the key knowledge and skills necessary for success in the design industry in Belgium and abroad.

Comprised of required coursework, seminars, workshops, assessments and projects, Master of Design programs in Belgium last approximately two years when taken on a full time schedule. Most Master of Design students must complete a thesis project nearing the end of their studies. This project allows students to focus on a particular area of design that particularly interests them and prove their mastery of the subject. To obtain more specific information about particular Master of Design programs, request more information from the universities of interest in Belgium using the handy Web form on this website.

If you have a Bachelors degree from a related undergraduate program and would like to enhance your existing professional qualifications, then read more about Master of Design programs in Belgium today!