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4 MA Programs in Humanities Studies History World History 2024



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MA Programs in Humanities Studies History World History

A student who wants to continue his or her education after earning a bachelor’s degree may go for a Master of Arts. This graduate degree usually provides students with a better understanding of a certain subject. It may take one or two years to finish an MA.

What is an MA in World History? This graduate degree looks at how historical events shaped the world as it is today. Scholars may learn about the methods historians used to study and record history. Some programs may focus on certain regions or time frames, while others may take a broader look at the entire recorded history of the world. Participants may be expected to take a variety of classes covering subjects such as global perspective of gender and migration, American big business and German industry, the European Enlightenment, the British Empire, the politics of humanity and disease, health and healing in Africa.

Studying world history at a graduate level can foster analytical, communication and interpersonal skills. In other words, students can learn how to better interact and communicate with those around them. They also may be able to better analyze events as they take place.

An MA in World History does not have a universal price tag. The cost may depend on the university, the year, the location and the duration of the program. Anyone who wants to learn more should contact schools directly.

Graduates with an MA in World History may have a variety of opportunities. Many history-loving students go on to become historians, teachers, curators and archivists. However, the transferable skills gained throughout the program mean scholars don’t have to work in a history-related field. Some graduates may go on to become business professionals, human resource consultants or policy makers. Scholars can also use this education as a stepping stone for a Ph.D.

You may be able to enroll in an MA in World History program at universities around the world. To find out whether online courses are available, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.