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10 MA Programs in Urban Development 2024



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      MA Programs in Urban Development

      A Master of Arts (MA) degree is a little different from the Master of Science (MS) degree based on subject matter and sometimes the length of the programs. The MA programs typically cover subjects such as history, humanities, literature and philosophy. Most of the time, these degrees are sought after as a postgraduate program after an undergraduate degree has been obtained.

      What is an MA in Urban Development? Urban growth is constantly influencing the modern world. With new physical and social environments, there are new problems and opportunities. Those individuals who choose to study in this program take time to explore evolving patterns, urban policies, the ethics involved in creating those policies and organizing communities. There may be some focus on topics such as architectural regeneration or international field research.

      Students typically enjoy a number of hands-on training and research experiences. They have access to professionals in the field and expert instructors. Participants in the program may spend time honing a narrow area of specialization or might have opportunities to gain hands-on experience.

      The costs of participation in an urban development program can vary from one school to another. This is especially true of schools that lie in a number of different countries. For specific information, prospective students should contact the individual schools.

      After graduation, individuals who have successfully completed the program may look for positions as specialists in the analysis of policies or may work to develop new policies. Graduates will have the skills necessary to become effective leaders in the field of urban policy development and community organization. They may work with agencies or think tanks with the goal of bringing rehabilitation or sustainable development to communities.

      If you have ever wanted to be involved in making positive changes that affect communities, then take a look at the program listing to see what is available. Use the lead form to contact specific schools. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.