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12 MA Programs in Social Sciences Anthropology Social Anthropology 2024



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MA Programs in Social Sciences Anthropology Social Anthropology

Those who are desiring to rise to the top of their field often pursue a master’s degree to gain more expertise in their area of study. A Master of Arts involves research and coursework in various fields in the humanities and opens new career possibilities to the graduate.

What is an MA in Social Anthropology? Students of social anthropology may either study to gain a broad knowledge of the discipline or take courses to follow a specialized career path in a specific region. Studies generally focus on research and coursework, comparing societies and culture. They may also take courses in the language of the region in which they wish to specialize. Courses look at how cultures have developed from past to present and may draw from the fields of psychology, media, law, agriculture, and more to achieve a full understanding of a culture.

An MA in Social Anthropology generally involves a heavy focus on research skills, so students completing the course are well-prepared for future academic or career endeavors. Students may also learn a new language, opening up both business and pleasure opportunities internationally. Some schools even offer courses in media production, which opens the door to the media sector for enterprising students.

Depending on what school students choose to attend, the cost of attaining this master’s degree varies. This cost can also vary depending on the number of years students take to earn the degree.

As implied by the name, many students pursuing an MA in Social Anthropology do so with the intent to become professional anthropologists. Students may also branch out into the natural world and become conservation biologists or environmental lawyers, using their experience to link nature to humanity. Others may explore the political sector as government researchers or the education sector as teachers, or travel overseas as consultants with their rich cultural understanding.

Universities in multiple locations offer the chance to earn an MA in Social Anthropology. Students have the option of attending full or part-time to earn their degree. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.