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8 MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Media Publishing 2024



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MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Media Publishing

Students who are interested in pursuing a higher education should consider earning their master's degree. This academic degree is awarded to individuals who have undergone an extensive study of a specific field or area of interest beyond that of a bachelor's degree.

What is an MA in Publishing? This master's program is ideal for those who wish to further their careers within the publishing industry. Courses will focus on language issues, translations, skills required for career development and broad key issues facing the industry in the 21st century. Some courses will also cover general management skills through dissertation and independent study.

Students who choose to get their master's can benefit from several factors throughout the program. In addition to gaining managerial skills, they will also be equipped with advanced IT skills and an understanding of the publishing world as a whole. They will also learn both the financial and editorial side of the publishing world, and everything from proofing print and media to marketing the book.

Each institution and program is different; therefore the registration cost will vary. Interested students are encouraged to contact the school directly to research the program and find out the specific fees associated.

Graduates of the program may be able to enter the industry at a higher level than otherwise would have been possible. Many graduates ideally wish to work directly with a publishing company or become the owner or manager of their own company. However, they may also find careers as an editor, proofreader or writer. They may also find work in other fields using the IT and managerial skills to guide them.

With courses offered at both a full time and part time basis, there is flexibility to please any student with a busy schedule. Most institutions offer online classes and distance learning modules to accommodate those who live out of the country or have even busier schedules. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.