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3 MA Programs in Printmaking 2024



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MA Programs in Printmaking

A Master of Arts is a degree many students earn to gain advanced knowledge in a particular subject in the humanities or social sciences. A master’s degree program can take two years to complete, and it can prepare students for a doctoral program or a higher-paying job.

What is an MA in Printmaking? This field of study explores the creative and technical process of printmaking. An advanced degree in this subject is designed to help students with the development of personal ideas, vision and the creative production of his or her art through printmaking. Courses in this type of program may include art history, lithography, bookmaking, installation, gallery practices and more.

Printmaking students often gain a great breadth of knowledge from earning an advanced degree, and many employers across the job market find these individuals highly skilled and effective. These scholars are typically creative and quick with a strong ability to pay attention to detail. Students are also often self-starters with useful organizational skills.

The cost of earning a master’s degree can vary depending on different factors. The location of the school, the length of the degree program and more can all influence how much an MA can cost. Interested parties are encouraged to research and compare tuition costs of potential schools before enrolling.

Earning an MA in Printmaking can help program participants secure a wide variety of fulfilling and lucrative positions within the arts. Besides pursuing an independent art career, students can also explore creative jobs as graphic designers, art curators, print managers, pre-press designers, screen printers and more. Many choose to become art educators ranging from the elementary to university level.

Numerous universities around the world have MA degrees for students to pursue. Some may even consider online or part-time learning options. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.