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8 MA Programs in Economic Studies Economics Political Economy 2024



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MA Programs in Economic Studies Economics Political Economy

A master’s degree, or specifically, the Master of Arts degree, is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated master of a specific area of study. The degree may take one or two years to complete. The MA (Master of Arts) often has a humanities or liberal arts emphasis.

What is an MA in Political Economy? Students of this program develop knowledge about various cultures and a worldwide perspective on economics and how society is impacted by policies. Students can take courses in research methodology, business ethics, political security, nations and history, game theory, risk analysis, and decision making. They often study topics such as computer applications, micro- and macroeconomics, and advanced econometrics.

As students work through their program, they develop a deeper understanding of the structures and actors in global economies. They might also learn how to apply that knowledge in international settings. With their acquired skills, students can also have opportunities to interact with professionals in this field and begin to develop a professional network.

The costs associated with attendance in this program can vary a great deal, particularly as schools are found in many different countries. For accurate information regarding tuition, book fees and other costs, interested individuals should directly contact the schools of their choice.

Graduates often enjoy international careers. They may find jobs in international politics, government agencies, international business places, with media agencies and in public relations. Some of the most common job titles include policy advisor, researcher, lobbyist, public relations officer, and diplomat. Some graduates choose to seek management positions with retail agencies, in retail import and export companies with marketing agencies, and as personnel managers.

If you are interested in a rewarding career in political economy, then take a look at the options available to you in the program listing. Fill out the lead forms to get specific information about your chosen schools. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.