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27 MA Programs in Museology 2023


It may seem odd to study about places where people study, like museums, but that is partly what students of museology programs do. Earning an MA in museology allows degree holders to run and curate museums and exhibits.

What is an MA in Museology? Since museums are constantly changing and updating, it is crucial for them to employ staff members who understand how to build and maintain both informational and exciting exhibits. In order to keep operating, most museums depend on donations from supporters and from visitors. This means that the quality of the displays is crucial to the future success of the museum in question. Studying museology is a great way to gain the skills needed to keep museums from all disciplines open and functioning.

Almost without exception, museums hire only professionally educated candidates for the top curative and management positions. The best way to receive such an education is by enrolling in a museum studies MA program.

The cost of obtaining an MA in Museum Studies varies significantly from one school to another. Many students find that price is not the biggest issue, but rather the quality of the education is the most important factor when selecting between MA programs.

Graduates with an MA in Museology most often desire to work in museums, and the job market is particularly competitive since the number of museums is somewhat limited.  Although many people may think of only art museums as potential places for jobs, holders of an MA in Museology can also find work at  zoos, aquariums, universities, national conservatories, children’s museums, and many other institutes of learning.

In order to get the best education possible, interested students must first enroll in a program that caters to their individual needs and skills. One of the best ways to be matched with a perfect museology program is through an online MA search service. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.



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