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30 MA Programs in Social Sciences Area studies Middle East Studies 2024



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MA Programs in Social Sciences Area studies Middle East Studies

A Master of Arts degree is an excellent choice for any student, allowing them to obtain a postgraduate degree, expand their knowledge base and job skills, and gain an advantage in a competitive job market. There are many different areas of study that are available for an MA degree, including an entire course of study focused on the Middle East. So what is an MA in Middle East studies?

A master’s degree in Middle Eastern studies usually focuses exclusively on West Asia and North Africa. Such a course of study will usually cover topics such as the politics, economics, history, cultures, and international relations of the Middle East. Programs teach students about various problems faced by the region, potential solutions, and connections with the rest of the world. These programs can also often feature religious studies, media courses, business courses, or military studies.

Studying the Middle East has many advantages, one of the first and foremost of which is the enhanced ability to find a job. A master’s degree can also improve an individual’s critical thinking as well as problem solving skills.

There are many potential careers available to those with a master’s degree in Middle Eastern studies. One prominent area is within government working on foreign policy since many different questions in international relations involve the Middle East. Jobs are also available in the private sector working for foreign businesses or nonprofit groups. Journalism is another excellent field for Middle Eastern studies graduates to pursue.

The cost of an advanced degree in Middle Eastern studies can vary widely, depending on the individual program, school, and country of study. It is important that potential students review their options carefully in order to ensure a good financial fit.

If you’re interested in pursuing an MA in Middle East studies, then start searching online today. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.