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65 MA Programs in Humanities Studies Linguistics 2024



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MA Programs in Humanities Studies Linguistics

For students looking to further their education after graduating from a college or university, obtaining an MA (Master of Arts) degree is a viable option. For those seeking a versatile major, linguistics offers many unique career opportunities.

What is an MA in Linguistics? Linguistics can include the study of specific languages, comparing languages, language acquisition, communications, theory, and cognition. Students may choose to focus on the description of language or language theories. Study of language variation and language change takes an in-depth look at phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Linguistics can also emphasize more practical components of language, such as translation and text analysis for those who want careers in communications.

An MA in Linguistics can lead to numerous interesting careers. Several of these positions are in high demand, so getting a job after obtaining a postgraduate degree is not nearly as difficult as it is for some students. An MA can pave the way for several careers, research opportunities, and PhD programs.

Because cost varies between diverse institutions in different countries, students seeking an MA in Linguistics should look into specific schools that offer this program for information about pricing details.

Those who have acquired an MA in Linguistics can apply their learning in many career fields. Having thoroughly studied language acquisition, linguists are especially qualified to teach language. They can either teach English as a second language or teach a foreign language. Working in the computer industry can give linguists a chance to better computer-mediated language learning. Language documentation and preservation is another great option, as well as translating in settings such as courtrooms and government hospitals. Verbal lingual skills give linguists an advantage in positions for editing, publishing, and writing.

Online courses allow for those with busy schedules to continue their education without sacrificing academic rigor. If you are considering going into an MA program, look through our database to find institutions that suit you best. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.