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59 MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Journalism 2024



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MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Journalism

People who wish to obtain mastery in the field of journalism often choose to pursue their MA in Journalism. This esteemed title shows potential employers and colleagues that an individual has obtained an advanced degree in the field and has a thorough knowledge of the industry.

What is an MA in Journalism? An MA in Journalism gives students a competitive edge when working in the evolving world of media and communications. Many programs focus on law, ethics, writing, editing and reporting relevant topics to the world. Courses may cover topics including community engagement, mobile communications and technology, multimedia development and personal relations. Whether students wish to focus on a specific area of journalism, such as broadcast journalism, business journalism, science and technology, or digital media journalism, or they want to broaden their journalism skills, they can find a program that meets their needs.

Not only does an MA in Journalism prepare students for the intense world of media coverage by challenging them with coursework related to the field, but students are able to apply their knowledge in real world experiences. The master’s program takes students beyond the classroom and shows them how to utilize the information that they have obtained through years of schooling.

A Masters of Arts in Journalism can vary in cost, depending on which school an individual students choose to attend and which country they want to study in. Student loans, scholarships and financial aid programs may be available to assist students with the cost of higher education.

Graduates who receive an MA in Journalism can greatly improve their earning potential in the industry. Degree holders are not limited to career opportunities in broadcasting, magazines, newspapers and online publications. Some journalists take their training and become public information officers for government agencies or write company-specific publications for research laboratories, medical centers or businesses. Those who hold a Masters of Arts in Journalism can become technical writers and find worldwide employment opportunities.

Students can gain a better understanding of the journalism industry by looking online. Many schools offer online courses, simplifying the process of earning a Masters of Arts in Journalism. You can begin your education in the field of journalism by applying for an MA in Journalism online. Search for your program below and contact the admissions office of the school of your choice directly by filling out the lead form.