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12 MA Programs in Islamic Studies 2024



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    MA Programs in Islamic Studies

    A Master of Arts degree is often pursued to complete a higher level of intensive studies after attaining a bachelor’s degree in a chosen field. Depending on the type of curriculum, this program can take anywhere from one to three years of study.

    What is an MA in Islamic Studies? This type of program concentrates on acquiring a deep understanding of the religion of Islam and utilizing that knowledge to support the needs of the international religious and cultural community. A variety of courses can be taught, including ones with a focus on cultural interaction, scientific research and inter-faith dialogue. Opportunities for further specialization are available to prepare students for work in private or public organizations.

    Students that seek to obtain an MA in Islamic Studies will receive the skills to foster a dialogue within the international community to promote education and address global challenges. This type of advanced degree often offers a higher level of career opportunities from studies in theory, comparative religion and cultural interaction.

    Costs of pursuing this program will vary around the globe, depending primarily on the location of the institution as well as the duration and type of the curriculum offered at the college or university. Administrative offices of the specific schools can answer questions about cost.

    When an individual obtains an MA in Islamic Studies, opportunities for careers are often available in a variety of sectors. From positions in education, research, government, and private institutions, students with this type of training are in demand in many parts of the world. Additional opportunities for advanced positions can be acquired through further studies culminating in a doctor’s degree as well.

    Educational institutions all over the globe offer this type of program, including some options for distance learning. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.