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4 MA Programs in Business Studies International Trade 2024



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    MA Programs in Business Studies International Trade

    Students choose to pursue a Master of Arts when they want to go beyond their undergraduate studies. Postgraduate work in the social sciences and humanities allows students to delve more deeply into their field of expertise and may lead to greater career opportunities.

    What is an MA in International Trade? If you choose this discipline, you’ll learn about the international laws of trade, finance and business. Your courses will combine an interdisciplinary foundation of classes that explore the global economy. Coursework in this program can include classes in political science, finance, economics and public administration. When you have completed the core classes in your degree program, you’ll have the opportunity to choose a specialty that may include writing a thesis. Some programs will require proficiency in a foreign language.

    When you graduate with an MA in International Trade, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of global business practices. Your degree will pave the way to a broader range of jobs in government, management or other high-level careers. As the holder of an advanced degree, you may be able to command a higher salary.

    Check with the schools that interest you to learn about their tuition and fees. Each school is unique, and expenses for completing a Master of Arts differ from country to country.

    Once you have earned an MA in International Trade, you’ll be ready to work within a wide range of interesting fields. You may choose to build a career at a financial institution, in government, at a consulting agency or in any number of businesses in the private sector. Your advanced degree can set you up to become a manager, advisor, financial analyst or trade consultant. In addition, a Master of Arts allows you to continue on an academic track if your eventual goal is to teach at a college or university.

    Degrees in international trade are available in various countries. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.