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28 MA Programs in Humanities Studies International Studies 2024



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    MA Programs in Humanities Studies International Studies

    A Master of Arts is a graduate degree offered by a variety of colleges and universities. Students can study almost any topic, but universities may reserve this degree for areas of study in the humanities, social sciences or arts.

    What is an MA in International Studies? It is a graduate-level program focused on the changes affecting the global community. Courses may look at issues such as ethnic violence, business connectivity or global economics. The exact courses available vary from one school to the next. However, students may find courses similar to methodology for human rights, comparative politics, political theory, international politics, political economy of globalization, revolutions, challenges of democratization, the art of forecasting and fundraising in nonprofits.

    Students often choose to take international studies because of its diversity. Participants leave the program with competitive skills, including data analyzation, communication and creative problem-solving. These skills can prove useful in almost any career field and even in a person’s private life.

    The cost of an MA in International Studies is variable. It can depend on the school, the duration of the program and the mode of classes.

    A Master of Arts in International Studies can lead to a variety of career opportunities. Students may find themselves working in academia, diplomacy or policy after graduation. The diversity of this education makes it a great choice for scholars who want to continue on to a PhD. Because an MA in International Studies has such a broad career track available, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what a graduate may do. However, some possibilities include professor, international liaison, diplomat, human resource officer, museum curator, executive director, project manager, researcher and journalist.

    An MA in International Studies may be available anywhere in the world. Not only do a lot of universities offer this field of study, but there are plenty of online courses. To apply or find out more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.