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11 MA Programs in Marketing Studies Marketing International Marketing 2024



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MA Programs in Marketing Studies Marketing International Marketing

A Master of Arts in International Marketing is an advanced degree pursued by students who have completed undergraduate studies. Earning a master’s degree gives a student in-depth training and comprehension and qualifies them to become leaders in the business world.

What is an MA in International Marketing? Advanced degrees in this area focus on global marketing and communications. Students will learn about corporate finance, project management and consumer culture, all through the lens of international relationships. Core classes may include advertising, market research, consumer behavior and business strategies. Graduates of these types of programs will come away with an understanding of branding and selling on a worldwide scale. Completion of a master’s of arts degree often involves writing a thesis or finishing another type of final project.

Students who study international marketing will gain a broad understanding of how advertising and consumerism shape contemporary life. They will also gain the knowledge and skills to implement business strategies in a rapidly changing world using cutting-edge technologies. Earning an advanced degree will position graduates for higher paying jobs with greater opportunities for promotions.

Each school has its own tuition and fee schedule. The costs of earning a master’s degree in this field will depend on the school and country where you attend classes. Contact schools offering programs that interest you to learn more about the potential costs of earning an advanced degree.

Upon earning an MA in International Marketing, students will be ready for a number of rewarding careers. Graduates will be especially in demand with businesses or government agencies that have a global reach. Career opportunities include high-level jobs in marketing, advertising, communications, sales, banking, financial analysis and more.

Before applying to a master’s degree program in this area, consider your goals and where you wish to attend classes and research the individual offerings in your field. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.